Plumbing is a key element in the smooth functioning of your home. If not tackled in time, plumbing problems can aggravate. Call an expert in case of need. You may require one in case something goes wrong with your sewer line, which carries the waste from your house to the main waste tank which you share with your neighbors.

If your sewer line is made of ceramic, it may need to be replaced as ceramic degrades easily. Tree roots can work between the pipe joints and force pipe segments to part. In case tree roots are interfering with the line, you may need to call a contractor.

So here are some tips on how to choose a sewer contractor:

* Sewer rodding is a process in which the contractor uses a rod to clear the line. Video inspection can be done to identify the exact problem and determine the best solution. This can reduce the repair cost. So for sewer problems that are complex in nature, you can consider hiring the services of a contractor who can perform video inspection. This can however be an expensive proposition because sewer lines are tough to enter.

* Shop around for estimates from at least three contractors before you decide which one to choose. Also talk to relatives, friends, and colleagues for recommendations. You can also compare contractor websites to decide which one seems suitable.

* Your plumber should be experienced, qualified, and licensed to work in your area. Insurance is another consideration that you should have in your mind when selecting a contractor. Sewer trench cave-ins, gas explosions from ruptured utility pipes, and suffocation from exposure to sewer gases are some of the fatalities which can happen, so insurance is necessary.

* Ask your sewer contractor about the material he plans to use. Plastic and cast iron are among the available options. Check the municipality regulations about the kind of material you can use for sewer pipes both inside and outside your house.

* Ask for a guarantee rather than a warranty. It covers expenses incurred to perform corrective work. A warranty only covers a part of the required corrective work. It may cover only material or only labor. Look for a guarantee which covers both material and labor.

* Check on the experience level of the inspectors employed by the sewer contractor. They are trained to use equipment that lets them look inside utility pipes, water drains, and septic tanks to find debris and holes that may prevent the smooth flow of sewage. Once this is done, plumbers can clean the pipes or replace sections if necessary.

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