Telemarketingis a highly effective means of contacting new clients and if done well it can massively build a business. It has been the mainstay of many business as a means of getting their message out there as it is highly targeted and very easy to test and modify quickly.

With this age of Internet marketing the primary focus for many businesses looking for cost effective marketing, the focus has switched from the telephone to the internet, which means the amount of telemarketing that is being done is much less than in the past. This has several advantages for you as a business owner wanting to use telemarketing to build your business.

Fewer telemarketing calls to your prospective customers than in the past
Less resistance to taking the calls
A more personal contact than many of your competitors.

But outsourcing is not always as easy to use as it may seem.

The Snags

There are a number of issues that many business owners find when considering telemarketing, that can mean that they decide to choose alternative marketing methods instead.

Cost. For many the cost of setting up a telemarketing team, (whether in-house employees, in-house-outsourced or completely outsourced) most require a large degree of upfront cost before finding out if the results are worth it. In today’s financial climate that is something most companies want to completely avoid.
Training the right people. There is a period of training required for new telemarketing agents that means that for many the costs cannot be recouped for some time after the initial investment.
Ongoing management. A process of running a telemarketing call centre, whether 1 person or 100 people requires daily monitoring and management. This alone can put off many business owners.
The Solution

The solution for many is to choose alternative methods of marketing, but that does not have to be the case. With outsourced telemarketing with payments based on results, these negatives can be all but eliminated and the benefits assessed without any major cost.

Chris Ball Outsourcing is here to ensure your outsourced needs are managed, cost effective and results driven.