Many times those writing speeches, stories, and other materials that are related to their personal business have a difficult time making their points interesting and inspiring for their audience. When words are too technical or people have nothing to connect with within the text or speech, many of them will be lost to the concept that is being shared with them. By integrating personal narrative examples to illustrate your points, you can make a personal connection with your audience and increase the chances of really reaching them.

A personal narrative can work to express the feelings and emotions that are behind your actions and desires. For example, if you are attempting to reach a group of teenagers to share with them the importance of not driving while intoxicated, sharing the tale of a close friend who was killed in a drunk driving accident from your own perspective can be highly impactful. They can begin to imagine the pain that you felt from this senseless loss and might remember your story when faced with a difficult decision for themselves or a friend in the future.

Sharing a personal narrative can also help to create credibility with an audience that views you as a stranger. Once they have heard a tale of your past experience in the field or you have shared a life story that is a driving factor behind your career choice, they will feel as if they understand you and your motivations a bit better. This can be crucial to getting the necessary respect to help make your point to an otherwise cold or cynical group of people.

When you can invent personal narrative examples to suit your purposes, the most effective are true tales from your life that you can detail with your own emotions and reactions. Sharing these stories with others lets them know that you are a real person with past experiences that have affected your ideas and drive for success. Once you have made this type of personal connection with people, they will be much more likely to respect, understand, and believe the things that you are sharing with them.

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