High Definition Camcorder for Less Than $ 500

With the introduction of the Sanyo’s VPC HD1A high definition camcorder it just got a little easier and a lot less expensive to capture high definition video and still pictures anytime and anywhere.Visit Here http://top10camcordersinfo.blogspot.com

The HD1A high definition camcorder is sleek and compact, yet can capture video in hi-def (720p) and still digital snapshots of up to 5.1 megapixels. Supported video formats include MPEG-4 and H.264. What does that mean to you? Full 60fps fluid motion VGA-Size recording that really brings your nephew’s football game to life. Try the sequential shooting feature to capture those dramatic action shots like you see in the sports magazines. What a great way to analyze your golf swing.

Other user-friendly features include a clear, 2.2-inch LCD monitor, a highly-efficient 10x optical zoom lens and 10x digital zoom. This pocket sized high definition video camera also has advanced features like built-in image stabilization and high-quality digital stereo recording.

Sanyo would have scored even more points with consumers if it had included a 4GB SDHC card as standard. The 4gig card will give you almost an hour of high definition recording. You can get the high capacity memory card for about $ 35 at Amazon and other places. It does boost the price a little but still keeps it under the $ 500 street price threshold. Thankfully the included 1200ma lithium-ion battery is hefty enough to last the full hour between charges so there is no need to change it out.

Most buyers find this camcorder easy to use. The button functions are easy to figure out without even reading the manual although there are so many useful features you would probably miss without going through the manual.

Indoor and very low light video images may get a little grainy or pixelated but not enough for most reviewers to downgrade the camcorder from its usual four or five star rating. You could probably do better if you read the manual and experimented with the Scene Select Modes – Auto, Sports, Portrait, Night View, Landscape, Fireworks, Lamp, Cosmetic, Monochrome, and Sepia. A pop-up flash takes care of the lighting situation for indoor still pictures. It may be worth noting that you have to get into the $ 3000 camcorder range to shoot high def candlelight.Visit Here http://top10camcordersinfo.blogspot.com

Visit Here http://top10camcordersinfo.blogspot.com