To be relieved from hemorrhoids, many people seek Hemorrhoid Operation. Hemorrhoidectomy or the surgical removal of the hemorrhoids has been the oldest form of treatment for this condition. However, this method of treatment can prove to be painful and uncomfortable after the operation has been done and the effect of the anesthesia wears of.

Another method of removing the hemorrhoids or the swollen tissues in the anus is through rubber band litigation. As the name implies, the doctor ties a rubber band on the base of the swollen tissue or hemorrhoid to cut off the blood supply in the area. The absence of blood supply will shrink the swelling until the tissue dies. After a week or two the haemorrhoid will fall off along with the rubber band. Just like hemorrhoidectomy, hemorrhoid banding can also involve pain and bleeding.

A more advanced form of Hemorrhoid Operation is called Hemorrhoidolysis. This technique involves the use of an electric probe to reduce the tissue’s swelling. This technique is said to be much less painful than hemorrhoidectomy or band litigation but it requires a few sessions to completely cure the condition.

Many people are considering the newest treatment known as Laser Coagulation. In this method, a laser device is used to burn the swollen tissues or the hemorrhoids. The process takes only a few minutes and is known to be less intrusive and less painful than traditional surgery. However, there is a disadvantage with a laser treatment. Patients who have undergone this treatment reported that the hemorrhoids returned or reoccurred after a while. Laser Coagulation is also known to be more expensive than non-laser form of hemorrhoid removal.

For people who do not want to undergo surgery, the best way to avoid surgical treatment is to prevent the hemorrhoids from worsening. Internal hemorrhoids can be cured by taking natural medications. Taking over the counter laxatives can also help prevent constipation and thus, prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids. Aside from alternative medicines, changing your eating habits can also be a big help.

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