Today, I had a ‘networking’ lunch with four doctors at Ethos Restaurant located on 33rd & Third Avenue close to the NYU Medical Center. The doctors are females: a Jewish-American cardiologist residing in the Upper East Side; a Singapore-born oncologist residing in Forest Hills; a Philippines-born Ph.D. in Nursing (professor at Hunter College) residing in Jamaica Estates, and a Puerto Rican gynecologist residing in Bayside, specifically, Oakland Gardens.

The topic of our discussion was centered on the elections. They lauded me on a political article I wrote over a month ago. In turn, I decided to take an unscientific survey of their choice in the elections, even further, to take an informal survey of the choice of their family and friends.

The Gynecologist

Gynecologist: “I’m not sure but I’m leaning toward Obama most of my colleagues are Obamaistas!”

The Professor

Professor: “First, who’s your choice?”

Karl: “I like the foreign policy proposed by Ron Paul and John Edwards.”

Professor: “I like Hillary although my colleagues like Obama.”

Karl: “Why Hillary? Is it because of Bill Clinton?”

Professor: “No! We need someone to stand up to the Muslims. Isn’t he a Muslim or doesn’t he favor the Muslims?”

Karl: “Actually, he’s a Christian. George Bush and Dick Cheney have a cozy relationship with Saudi Arabia due to oil and geopolitical reasons. What is more Muslim than Saudi
Arabia? Would you say Bush and Cheney favor Muslims?”

Professor: “Interesting point….”

The Oncologist

Oncologist: (After some reluctance, she gave into my perseverance) “I am voting for Hillary despite all of the hoopla for Obama. I think Hillary is more conservative and is more experienced.”

The Cardiologist

Cardiologist: “First, I don’t have any interest on the Republican side…not even for Giuliani. As for Obama, I wasn’t impressed with his first debate. I think he was awful but I started to
be drawn to him over time. To be honest, he doesn’t say anything of substance in his debates or speeches. I’m not even sure of his positions unless I’m a dense person.”

Karl: (I interrupted) “For the sake of your patients, I would hope not!” (Everyone laughed)

Cardiologist: She continued, “However, Obama has charisma. I love his charisma as
well as my colleagues. I will be voting for Obama unless Bloomberg runs on the Independent line. I’m a Manhattan resident; I have to support Bloomberg because he’s a great mayor.”

Karl: “Suppose Bloomberg’s foreign policy is driven by a neoconservative agenda, in particular, a support of endless wars for ideological reasons?”

Cardiologist: “Karl, as usual, you asked good questions but I’m not sure of Bloomberg’s foreign policy”

Karl: “If Obama should gain the nomination; who do you think should be his running mate – Edwards or Hillary?”

Cardiologist: “Actually, I would want Oprah to be his running mate.”

Karl: “Are you serious?”

Cardiologist: “I’m very serious!” (She smiled while everyone gave her a quizzical look)

Back by Popular Demand: Overheard in New Hampshire, Part II

o Obama is the Muhammad Ali of politics because he’s a Muslim by his name but an American superstar by his game.

o Obama is the lady killer of politics because Hillary’s campaign will be dead after New Hampshire. (We still love you, Hillary J).

o Obama is bringing back Reagan Democrats to the fold as Obama Republicans.

Karl A. Mitchell