With the internet being the single most accessible medium for advertising, exchange of information and the introduction of new small businesses in the developed world, it is important to recognize that every website that is hosted can and will be accessed by users from all over the world. Because of the global nature of the internet, so to is the global nature of the profit to be made by intrepid entrepreneurs who take this in to account.

The cheapest internet hosting is not always the best. Some web hosting companies sacrifice processing and transfer speed for cost efficiency by using cheaper hardware which causes web congestion and can deter users from continuing to browse a slow to access website. It is important also to take in to account the location of a server when deciding what the best option is for a domain.

To get from one side of the world to another, data must make multiple ‘hops’. Each hop that a packet of data takes can be of practically any distance but it is important to consider that some web hosts can provide more efficient and effective tunnels for data to hop down. One bad hop in a series of hops that can be up to or above 10 separate steps can and will immensely reduce the quality of the transmission and in turn immensely increase the time taken for a page to load.

Shorter physical distances between servers and clients reduces the amount of hops required for data transmission. This is why it is important for web sites that rely on very high speeds, such as web sites that focus on providing data storage capabilities or downloads to users as well as sites that have high bandwidth usages such as flash documents or video media to be located close to the expected client base.

Websites that expect more standard usages of simple text and basic images or utilize efficient coding systems can afford to have servers located further abroad in countries such as India or China where web hosting is much cheaper than countries such as the United States of America or Australia or throughout most of Europe.

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