If you have never heard of the show Glee there is a very large possibility that you have zero connection to the outside world and have truly been living somewhere under a rock. As millions of viewers across the US in every major city including Austin tuned in recently for the premiere of Glee’s second season, one can’t help but notice how this show  has completely swept the nation turning everyone from young children, teenagers and parents into “Gleeks”, what fans of the show are referred to. It all started in May of 2009 when the pilot episode aired. Many tuned in by satellite TV due to the countless advertisements being run and the fact that it aired directly after American Idol in a season where even those who weren’t huge fans of the show were captivated by the musical stylings of Adam Lambert.


America immediately fell in love with Glee. It was like nothing else found on television at the time, a musical comedy-drama with brilliant witty writing and elaborate HD choreographed song and dance numbers. The show’s creators Ryan Murphy, Ian Brennan and Brad Falchuk intended it for it to be that way. For it to be a form of escapism for all ages among a world full of dark topics both in the news and other popular television programs.


Glee takes places in Lima Ohio at McKinley High School. Each show there are numerous high definition musical numbers put on by the members of the school’s glee club “New Directions”, a rag tag mismatched group of misfits led by teacher Will Schuester (Broadway star Matthew Morrison) in his attempt to bring glory back to the club he was once a part of in his own high school days. It pits the nerdy individuals who are comprised of the Rachel the lovable wanna-be diva played by the wildly talented Lea Michele of Spring Awakening, the only out and proud guy in school, the guitar toting wheel chair bound geek, the goth and eventually some renegade cheerleaders and football players against the popular kids who play sports and frequently harass the members of the glee club, frequently throwing slurpies into the faces of the members. The Cheerios are the cheerleaders of the school led by Sue Sylvester (the hilarious Jane Lynch) the overbearing, insulting coach who is constantly putting in digs at Schuester.


The musical numbers are a mix of old favorites, pop ballads, new chart toppers and Broadway Showtunes weaved in naturally. Not only are the fans appreciating this new television gem but it has been nominated for numerous awards. So far it has won the 2010 Golden Globe for Best New Television Series, the People’s Choice Award for Best New TV Comedy, and 4 Emmy Awards.


With the help of an all star cast and incredible guest actors and actresses such as Broadway stars Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel Glee continues to rise in popularity across the country. You can tune in and watch it in HD on Fox or download your favorite musical numbers on iTunes immediately after. Do yourself a favor and don’t be the last to come to the Gleek side.

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