Random clashes that escalate into large unruly crowds or communal attacks are becoming more and more frequent, and, under such circumstances, life and property are in danger. Disagreements, protests, demonstrations and grudges often take the shape of violence. Thus it is highly essential to have robust surveillance systems to ensure peace and harmony in society.

When individuals proactively install efficient and effective security systems to reduce criminal activities in the neighborhood, local authorities are in a better position to maintain law and order. Many may be apprehensive about the idea of installing security systems as it could mean added costs and unnecessary hassles. But with digital network cameras you can forget all your worries and enjoy your freedom.

The digital network camera is a highly advanced electronic device that is easy to install and handle with excellent monitoring and reporting capabilities. The network camera enables you to keep an eye on your house or business from a remote location even when you are away. Thus you will be alerted promptly in the case of any trouble, such as a break-in. It is a powerful weapon that has a 24 hour monitoring system and instantly broadcasts the footage via the network through a single Ethernet cable thus eliminating the headache of handling a mass of cables.

These digital cameras have remarkable resistance to weather and can be used outdoors in freezing conditions as well as blazing hot temperatures. Because of an optical lens accompanied by pan/tilt and zoom features, the camera can scrutinize each area with equal agility. The built-in IR illuminators help the cameras to capture clear and sharp images even under poor light conditions. Thus this equipment can be used at night also.

With such efficient night/day surveillance capabilities, the digital camera, also known as Power over Ethernet camera, can be used for maintaining security in parking lots, a most favorable den for all antisocial activities. The installation of the PoE camera in parking lots not only means fewer incidents of vandalism, theft and robbery, but also a safer area with drug peddlers, molesters, attackers, etc., kept off the premises.

These cameras have intelligent features such as motion detection which sets off alarms only when necessary. It can also send email alerts to the authorities if it detects anything unusual or suspicious. They can be easily mounted on ceilings and walls without any fuss. You can remotely control 32 cameras at the same time.

With its compelling and innovative solutions the digital camera is the best option for an inexpensive, simple and multi-faceted surveillance system. This digital surveillance system can help predict the emergence of any negative occurrence and prevent widespread damage and harm. The footage can help prosecutors nail the accused with clear evidence.


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