In this paper, the filter design process involved in some of the key issues, such as the main parameters determined by the structure, and the filter design should pay attention to some of the difficulties.

1. Introduction This paper, the design of a filter core, which mainly describes the design process involved a number of key issues. Filter media for the heavy hydrocarbon condensate and natural gas, the working pressure of 4.4MPa, working temperature is 40 , refer to the user’s needs, ultimately determine the design pressure of 6.4MPa, corrosion allowance of 3mm. Working principle is as when the medium from the entrance, after a certain buffer, large particles and liquid free of impurities sinking, rising air purified through the filter cartridge discharged from the exit. Encountered in the design process, several issues, the following discussion of the main solution to the problem.

2. Check opening reinforcement problem Over the import and export by two big pass when checking reinforcement pad, and over reinforcement, whether in small multi-thick reinforcement pad can not be adopted. According to JB/T4736- 2002 “Reinforcement” in Table 1, “Reinforcement size series”, the reinforcement ring and the maximum thickness of 30mm and GB150 in shell thickness of reinforcement pad on the restrictive requirements are: ” reinforcement pad thickness less than or equal to the name of the thickness of the shell 1.5 38mm “. Reinforcement should not be used otherwise, but should be used; overall reinforcement or reinforcing the overall forging. According to the requirements of over these openings are reinforced with thick wall, and to ensure that thinning thick over the length L 3 part of the thickness difference, to take over and the shell with full penetration, took over the outside wall of the shell connected with r rounding, to avoid sharp corners. So that we can successfully calculated by reinforcement.

3. Difficulty in rotating equipment and flange covers
The top of the filter settings device flange, to meet the requirements of filter often replace them because of cylinder diameter 800mm, according to JB/T4700-2000 “pressure vessel flanges” requirements designed for the actual computing devices flange, and in the light HG20592-1997 “steel pipe flanges, gaskets, fasteners” design equipment and flange covers, flange covers the weight of 887Kg, by the usual manual rotation is difficult, after several studies, in reference Manhole transfer arm based on the realities, the transfer arm with bearings, easy to turn, the result was satisfactory.

4. Equipment, sewage problems Media equipment for the heavy hydrocarbon condensate and natural gas, heavy hydrocarbon condensate is an extremely viscous liquid, usually at the bottom of a small set to take over the sewage is not ideal study decided to set up a head at the bottom flange, where hole diameter 154mm, and cover flange and have a natural outfall. Flange with holes as the role of hand, check whether the equipment in the course of cracks, distortion, corrosion and other defects, over time, you can manually remove dirt, mucus and other impurities. The upper half of the tank, using two of sewage, from filter to filter out of gas if the cooling time, will produce some water, over time, the upper row of accumulated water is not easily submerged filter, resulting in the filter direct damage, so sewage outlets to prevent the above problems.

5. Serious corrosion problems in parts
Internal fastening the filter on the tank bolts, due to internal corrosion allowance 3mm, if the use of carbon steel, corrosion allowance is difficult to consider the selection, so choose the stainless steel. With the walkway support brackets, loose screws type, easy disassembly, which will help ship.

6. Sealing performance issues
Flammable substances as natural gas medium, does not allow micro-leakage, air tightness testing of their conduct, inspection of small penetrating vessel defects, to jointly guarantee the safety of equipment.

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