Your dreams are reflections of your beliefs and emotions. When you interpret them in the correct manner then you may have transparency of what is really happening in someone’s life. You can use a dream dictionary to help you interpret those dreams. These dictionaries give great meaning of dreams. You can find directly out what a dream means by using the symbols in the book.

Some people who feel that they are caged in will dream this feeling. It could also mean that one is unable to express one’s self in a satisfactory manner. Dreaming something along the lines of being caged in could reflect this.

Different symbols will have certain meanings in certain dreams. It is understood that unconscious plays a huge role in this field. Information stored and patterns of thought would then develop from there.

It can be that these symbols are puns. This enables all who speak the same language to be able to understand the meaning. Should someone dream about a badger then it could be that someone is constantly badgering one. All who converse in the English language will understand what this means.

Not all interpretations will apply at all times. There can be meanings such as falling pregnant. It will be safe to assume this does not apply to you if you are male. Symbols in better dream books or dictionaries will interpret more meanings. You can make a sensible interpretation by using a symbol. Dreams would normally have more than one interpretation.

While these dictionaries can be of value, one still needs to do one’s own interpretation. One has all the details and circumstances that surround the dream. Circumstances apply differently to different people. These circumstances combined with the dream can mean something entirely different to one person as to another person. The dictionary will be a good starting point and one can then start giving significance to the dream.

You can also post your dream on a forum and then discuss it there. Once you supplied the detail about your dream, you can then request other people’s opinions about your dream. Other members will start to get to know you if you post regularly.

There are people who would use these forums frequently and they can interpret your dreams for you and give you a meaning. Some people on these forums may have done some intensive research in this subject. This could lead to a rather interesting and exciting discussion for all who is involved.

James Tien is a Chinese society writer. He suggests Absolutely Feng Shui for more information on Fung Shui and Dreams Interpretation.