One’s dreams are personal and are a reflection of one’s emotions and beliefs. If interpreted correctly they can give clarity to what is happening in one’s life. There are dream dictionaries that are able to help interpret. The meaning of dreams can be interpreted by using a dictionary of this nature. The book has symbols that give direct interpretations of what the dream means.

One might have the feeling that one is caged in and this can manifest in a dream. The interpretation of this could be that one has difficulty in expressing one’s self. Therefore the cage in a dream could indicate that one is unable to express one’s self.

It was found that a variety of symbols has different meanings for different dreams. It was found that the unconscious played a big role in this arena. This is where information was stored and patterns of thought would collect there.

The belief is that the symbols represent certain puns. For people who converse in the same language the symbols and interpretations can be the same. If someone else badgers one, then one may dream about a badger. This would be the same for all people who converse in the same language.

This does not mean that each interpretation will apply. The meaning could be that one is going to fall pregnant. If one is a twenty-year-old male then one can safely assume that this does not apply. The better dream dictionaries are going to have more than one interpretation for a symbol. One can use symbols to make a reasonable interpretation. Never will it be the case that a dream has only a singular interpretation.

These dictionaries can be considered valuable but you still need to interpret your own dream. Use all the circumstances and details of the dream to interpret it. Different people will have different circumstances. Different peoples circumstances combined with their dreams could hold completely different meanings. You can give good significance to your dream by using a dictionary.

The are forums where one can post one’s dream and discuss it. One can give all the details and can then invite other members to give their opinion. By posting regularly one will become known by all the other members.

The people who frequent these forums have experience in interpreting the meaning of dreams. They have probably researched the subject extensively. This make for exciting discussion for all concerned.

James Tien is a Chinese society writer. He recommends Absolutely Feng Shui for additional information on Yin Yang and Chinese Zodiac.