Today, online promotion is one of the most popular and most suitable options to reach the large number of people in the world and get worldwide publicity for your products and services. A majority of individuals opt for World Wide Web (WWW), the world’s number one information resource. For launching your website, personal or business, all you need to do is get a domain name and a web host provider or company. A domain name basically refers to the address for people to arrive at, when they click to visit your website. It can be bought through a domain name registrar or your hosting company, for just ten dollars annually, which is very low a cost when it comes to start-up marketing and advertising costs.

The next step is to get a website (or web) hosting service, renewable on annual or monthly basis, which can store your web pages and images as required. These may also include domain registration services, apart from Email services.

Shared Hosting is one of the most well-known and cost-effective types of hosting among small companies, enabling them to host hundreds of websites on a single server and hence saving on the server costs amongst the website owners. Each site is allotted its own server space.

Dedicated Hosting is another known hosting service, offering increased control and security at a slightly higher price than Shared Hosting. This is generally used by large corporations, offering them security measures like personal firewalls as well. You have the option to install software / hardware, choose your operating system and take full control of your decisions for your website.

Blog Hosting is also picking up on the charts. A majority of hosting services include pre-installed blog software, like WordPress, to ensure that the software can be easily activated for your blogging.

Email Service has become quite prominent to be a feature included in the hosting services. You can obtain various email accounts with your domain name on it, the quantity varying from plan to plan. If your business involves conducting sales activities online, you can opt for an eCommerce Hosting Plan. These generally have add-ons, such as a merchant account or shopping cart software.

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