Exhibition design is a set of methods that conveys the art of presenting an array of graphical information for the scrutiny and inspection of a variety of people. This is a new and pioneering discipline that combines a variety of skills from various disciplines to create a piece of work that can showcase an assortment of creations, goods, products, services, companies and other things. This skill and art can be applied in a variety of situations.
a.Boutiques, Shoe stores, game shops and other types of stores can use a small section of their store to exhibit new merchandise or their best sellers.
b.These showcase sections usually involve standees’ or posters that contain details about the new game, the new line of clothes or shoes as well as software.

2.Conventions/Trade Shows
a.Industry wide trade shows are a great way for a company to showcase a new product for the first time.
b.This usually involves elaborate exhibits complete with special lighting, promo girls, big screen projectors as well as snazzy and attractive display platforms for the new product.
c.These exhibits are designed to catch the attention of convention goers and make them stop and look at the new merchandise.

a.This is one of the first applications of designing for an exhibit.
b.Art museums ensure that their paintings are efficiently displayed for museum patrons to properly appreciate.
c.Museums with a variety of artifacts try to efficiently use their space to present the maximum amount of artifacts.
d.Museum personnel try to ensure that all the important objects in a museum or gallery get the right amount of attention that they deserve.

4.Commemorative Exhibits
a.These are usually prepared by groups, agencies or clubs to commemorate a historical event or an important milestone.
b.These can sometimes be found in shopping malls or other public places.
c.They typically look like mini museum exhibits complete with posters as well as a few display cases.

5.Promotional Exhibits
a.These exhibits are like the exhibits in trade shows complete with display cases, promo girls as well as elaborate lighting.
b.Exhibits like this are done to promote a new product to the actual consumers.
c.This is done in order to catch the interest of their potential market and let them learn about the new product and what it can be done for them.
d.Musical instruments, software, games and a variety of equipment and devices are usually available for in these exhibits in order for the consumer to try it out for themselves.

Exhibition design is a very useful skill to ensure that a certain product, service or object is properly showcased. A great exhibit can promote and at the same time orient the customer about a certain product or service.

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