In order to be successful in developing great essay introduction, be sure to understand what you are writing about. Keep your thesis in mind, building up your introduction paragraph around it; in a way preparing the readers to be presented with your core idea. To make your introduction attention catching and intriguing, try employing some of the useful essay introduction writing tips below:

Consider using an analogy or metaphor. Developing analogies requires much creativity from you as a writer, therefore, make sure that your analogy is relevant to the main idea as well as clear enough for the readers to catch the hint at the spur of the moment while reading your essay introduction;
Try telling an anecdote. One can create an engaging essay introduction by telling a short story that illustrates a point. Be sure your story is short, to the point, and relevant to your topic. This can be a very effective opener for your college essay, however, keep in mind to use it carefully;
Mention a topic in the news. While developing the body of the essay, it is wise to stay away from news but it can be a very strong tool to employ in the introductory part. It can be of great importance if you have the facts straight and it is even better if it is a news story that is not well covered. However, ensure that the news idea clearly fits the topic of the essay as well as your essay introduction;
Why not using a cliché in an inventive way? Most articles and books on academic writing recommend staying away from clichés when composing your essay introduction, however; it is a secret of professional writers that if you alter a cliché, it captures people’s attention. For instance, in developing an essay introduction on the topic “Which is a better indicator of a person’s true character, actions or words?”, one can bring to use the following cliché, “A picture tells a thousand words” – a common saying that applies to the newspaper industry but which can also be applied to people. The picture created by a person’s actions tells us a thousand words about him/her. Using a cliché “A picture tells a thousand words” to make the point that actions speak louder than words signposts the reader the direction your line of reasoning goes;
When failing to use all of the above suggestions, do a quick summary of what you will be covering in your essay. Make sure you clearly state your thesis as well as identify the key points of focus when completing a successful essay introduction. Do not go into slightest details, just touch on the basics and lead the reader into the body of the paper by means of completing an intriguing essay introduction.

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