In the weeks it took for the global recession to turn from an alien concept to a reality for millions of households and businesses throughout the UK, the amount of coverage given to ‘Green’ issues would suggest a significant change in the public perception.

Environmental issues have long been greeted with anything from malaise to contempt in the popular press as journalists try and find new angles on a very simple hypothesis- ‘we are destroying our planet’. Indeed an emerging optimistic argument would suggest that the earth is in a voluntary cycle of warming and humans are flattering themselves by thinking they can make a difference- one way or the other.

However with national governments straining under the weight of bail-out debts and businesses unable to access vital credit another crucial ingredient has been added to the environmental broth- cost. It is suddenly patently obvious that global financial systems can no longer function on there current practices, regulation needs to be tightened, risk takers need to be held to account and sustainability must replace boom and bust.

This has been recognized by the Obama administration who have ring-fenced $ 150 billion dollars in green energy recognizing that in order to reduce cost they must start at the beginning with energy cost and sustainability. Although short term costs maybe higher particularly in replacement and development, the US government recognizes that the fastest way to recover from a recession is not to weather the storm but to change and adapt, using the gale-force winds to excel.

But is not just global politics where sustainable decisions are made, its in the households and businesses across the UK who recognize that now, more than ever, is the time to switch to a more sustainable way of life, simple things like proper insulation and swapping your light bulbs for energy saving bulbs. These easy steps will not conquer the global recession on their own, but it will help you save those valuable pounds that are so important in the current climate.

It is easy to become depressed watching the news or reading the paper hearing the constant themes of unemployment, reduced output and increased taxes however unless we learn from the this recession that sustainability, both financial and environmental is paramount in our global recovery it will have all been in vein.

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