In order to operate their business in the most efficient and productive manner, companies need to leverage proven tools to handle the data flow across organization. The way that information is shared among employees can be detrimental to the success of the project they are working on and impact the overall collaboration amongst enterprise workers. Microsoft’s SharePoint has long been the tool of choice for many companies that recognized the value of a powerful document organizer that will provide them with an easy-to-use document management and sharing environment.

Microsoft SharePoint rose to fame as the ultimate document organization tool enabling seamless collaboration and effortless workflows for companies of all size. Hosted version of SharePoint brought numerous benefits to businesses providing them with much needed scalability and a feature-rich solution for completion of various online collaboration tasks. Microsoft SharePoint Services boost employee productivity and accelerate the efficiency of shared business processes. Companies can choose to host the application on-premise or as a cloud-based service from a third party location.

SharePoint is one Microsoft’s product with the most widespread use among enterprises. Hosted SharePoint is a perfect fit for companies with geographically dispersed workforces as it allows employees to collaborate on projects as if they were working from a single office giving them access to the most current information. Enterprise-level search enables employees to easily locate relevant content across number of different databases and in various formats.

SharePoint outweighs the expensive company intranets in terms of benefits with its easy set up and low cost maintenance. It eliminates the need for buying expensive software, hardware and licenses being a more affordable way for a company to build a complete SharePoint environment. Through Web browser customized workspace is set up in minutes, and company’s employees can access the SharePoint Services website gaining access to important files from any device with Internet connection and a compatible browser. Another upside of SharePoint Online is that employees are working on a familiar platform using well known applications and interfaces which helps them get up to speed quickly.

For an affordable monthly fee, a company can leverage all the benefits of SharePoint Online and empower their employees to:

Share information through a highly secure environment and work together regardless of the location.
While on the field, take advantage of offline synchronization capabilities.
Capture and share documents, business plans, photos, etc.
Start online discussions for improved collaboration and document review.
Leverage role based security to assign different levels of access to employees.
Create group calendars and send important notifications through features such as announcements and alerts.
Transfer files from any machine to online document library.
Take advantage of great additional functionality such as sub-folders, version history, check-in/check-out, and customizable views.
Use custom lists to track tasks and issues.

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