So you’re looking for a way to eliminate blemishes and age spots? Luckily, there are more than a few solutions on the market today to aid you. Blemish and age spot solutions break down into two categories, all natural and chemical solutions. But this begs the question of which is best? There’s no easy answer. Treatment choices are more a matter of personal need rather than one stop solutions.

Natural skin care products have their advantages. They don’t use harsh chemicals to get the results you desire and for most skin types this solution works well. There are many processes that fall under this category. There’s Microdermabraision which uses a very fine toothed metal brush to scrap away dead skin cells to allow new skin cells to take their places. There’s Collagen Augmentation that works by increasing collagen, a natural binder that helps in the construction of new skin. And there are also unique advances such as No-Ablative treatment that’s simply a pulse of light that excites skin cells into exfoliating and can eliminate blemishes and age spots in a few quick treatments.

Just as natural skin care products have their advantages so do chemical treatments. Though they often use harsh chemicals they require fewer treatments than the natural skin care products and have proven results. Whether you’re using a chemical peel, Alpha Hydroxy Acid treatment or chemical based creams to remove age spots and blemishes you can bet that you will get immediate results. Though chemical treatments often have the catch 22 of irritation and unpleasant sensation, many prefer them to the more holistic approach.

Like all skin care choices it comes down to individual preference. Both treatment types are proven to provide results when used properly. Some work better than others for particular skin types and you’re bound to experience some trial and error, but in the end the need to eliminate blemishes and age spots should be motivation enough. It’s just a matter of taking the time to determine what choice is best for your skin.

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