If you’ve ever considered starting an eBay business, but got discouraged with the small profits and ridiculous amounts of competition, then you’re absolutely going to love this article. The eBay business that I’m going to share with you today has very limited competition, huge income potential and is thriving…even in our current recession. And unlike every other eBay business system on the Internet, this income opportunity doesn’t require you to buy items with the hopes of reselling for a small profit, only to then waste your precious time packing and shipping items to make the entire sale less than profitable. Instead, this work at home business is extremely lucrative and very enjoyable.

I have been quietly amassing a small fortune over the past six years in this lucrative system by helping owners sell their vehicles on eBay motors. Just how much do I make? Well, for my two hour time investment, I make anywhere from $ 1,000 to $ 14,988 in pure profit. And the best part is that I can do this over and over again, as I have a line of clients practically begging me to help sell their vehicle for them.

Here’s a little background on why this eBay business works so well. Let’s say you live in a small town or even a medium sized city and you have a 1965 Mustang you want to sell. Your local options for selling this vehicle are the local classifieds and parking your car on the corner with a “for sale” sign in the window. Now, if you had a 2005 Honda Civic, there’s no doubt that your phone would be ringing off the hook with potential buyers. However, with a classic vehicle for sale, the pool of potential customers drops drastically. And that’s where you come in!

Instead of these people paying big bucks on local classifieds or spending their weekends with “tire kickers” and test drives, you take 40+ full color photos of their vehicle from every angle, write a compelling auction listing and basically handle all the marketing of your client’s vehicle for them…while you REAP huge profits for doing so. Now, instead of their vehicle being marketed to a small, local audience, you have put the car on the auction block, in front of a world wide audience. And yes, I have sold vehicles to dozens of different countries outside the U.S. and I’ll tell you that selling a car to the guy in the next state is just as easy as selling to someone who lives in Greenland!

So why don’t these people just sell their vehicles themselves on eBay? Simple. eBay is still comprised mostly of buyers–not sellers. And hardly anyone will be able to copy what you can do for them. It’s an extremely lucrative eBay business that is worthy of consideration. Anyone with a camera and an eBay account should be able to turn this eBay business into a good, solid source of REAL income.

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