Dong Pearl view, the manufacturing sector can not feel impulsive, an carry out capital operation, state of mind it is easy to impetuous.

Dong Mingzhu like to use the data to speak, like to use facts and reason. Gree’s success in the face, no one can question the viability of Pearl Dong; Gree focus on corporate social responsibility in the fact that before, no one can question the pearl industry to serve the country director of Sincere Heart. For the “CCTV China Person of the Year” and “the most influential female” crown, Dong Mingzhu not particularly value: elected, I was selling air conditioning; not elected, I still sell air-conditioning.

Things such as chess and unpredictable.

1990, when Pearl joined the Board’s predecessor Harry Gree air conditioning air conditioning, the most common, a clerk, she could not think, she will be dry today Gree has become Gree (market share it) and vice chairman, president, perform a “from soldiers to generals,” legend and twice Ranking U.S. “Fortune” magazine “50 most influential global business strong woman”, selected 2006 Man of the Year in China CCTV, also recently named the U.S. “Forbes”, “2007 Global 100 most influential women.”

Dong Mingzhu, while the achievements of its own, is chairman Zhu Jianghong together with Gree, created Gree air-conditioning orders from the obscure to the myth of the three services: from initial annual output of less than 2 million units of no known air-conditioning small factories, became today has Zhuhai, Danyang, Chongqing, four production bases in Brazil and employs more than 35,000 people, with annual sales of nearly 24 billion yuan of China and the world’s largest R & D, production, sales and service professional air conditioning company.

Success belongs to the past, the Dong Mingzhu the “world’s most influential” and “business Iron Lady” for example, from the challenges of the future, where is she really concerned about.

Gree President Dong Mingzhu recently selected the U.S. “Forbes”, “2007 Global 100 Most Influential Women” list.

Interview when a tooling Dong Mingzhu just finished a young and middle-level cadres of the memorial service. A good death of young cadres, so that Dong’s eyes filled with sadness and Pearl, even smile occasionally exposed, it can not be hid share of dull pain. “What a pity ah, the doctor said nothing, he careless.”

Down the subject, Dong Mingzhu also chatted about the death of his mother two years ago. Mother died three days before the Pearl Board to do it had a weird dream, a dream that many people wear mourning crying … … woke up, Dong Mingzhu friend that her mother might be trouble. Sure enough, three days later, his family called to say her mother was seriously ill, and soon, mother passed away. “A month later, I dreamed of her mother, said she was very good in there, my mother still worried about my loving daughter.”

Talk to these mundane topics, in front of Dong Mingzhu, and the “world’s most influential” female, and the “Iron Lady business community,” James does not like any relationship. However, the Gree joked, turning the operation of enterprises, Dong Mingzhu entrepreneurs face, then gradually restored over.

Capital operation will make people impulsive

8 end of the U.S. “Forbes”, “2007 Global 100 Most Influential Women” list published, Gree Electric’s vice chairman, president and Pearl was selected as a director. When my colleagues and distributors to congratulate her, the directors elected Pearl and realized something. In the beginning of this year, because the leading Gree outstanding achievements in the air conditioning industry, Dong Pearl was named “2006 CCTV China Economic Man of the Year.”

“Of course happy to be elected. But for such an honor, I do not value. Elected, I sell air-conditioning; not elected, I still sell air-conditioning.” Dong Pearl laughed.

Relative to personal honor, Dong Mingzhu prefer to talk in August Gree baked half-year earnings in 2007: “realized main business income of 20.052 billion yuan, up 52.28 percent; a net profit of 486 million yuan, up growth of 54.22 percent.

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