Being an online business and home business coach I have been very fortunate to meet lot’s of passionate, dynamic, positive and highly talented people from all walks of life and even more so when I made the decision to take my entire business online. This opened my eyes to the wealth of leveraged time and information that is waiting for the taking by each and every one of us.

After 3 years of struggling to find the right balance in business I found that their where 5 major keys to finally living and working my business by design. From success of going from full time mum and business owner, running a traditional offline MLM business that took over my life. To becoming part of a very successful mastermind group and running the business of my dreams, getting my life back and finally seeing my dreams become reality. These 5 keys are used by each successful entrepreneur I have had the pleasure of working with or been trained by over the last 4 years. And mastering them has taken many from struggle to success.

Be Happy
The first and probably the most essential thing is your own happiness – if you are generally happy in yourself then things are going to be much easier to contend with. It is easy to subscribe to the “Everything will be OK when….. ” approach. It might be when I earn more money, or when I get more work. It’s better to stop trying to make everything OK and start to think about what makes you OK. Very often these things are simple and free. For example when I realised I was struggling and not happy I had taken the everything will be OK when… subscription. But when something happened in my life that made me look at everything I had to be happy about, it also made me look at everything I had been looking for to make me happy, and then with in weeks my life started to turn around.

If your new to a home-based business or online business then you probably wont have a mammoth turn over or client base yet, but don’t let this stop you, your ability to get through these first stages will pay you well, remind yourself of the advantages of being your own boss and your freedom of time and/or movement. Build happiness in your working day now, give yourself the freedom by working in balance from day one and those of you who are seeking a way out of your struggle then get off the everything will be OK when….. subscription. Learning what the essential things are in life that make you happy is a tool that will stay with you what ever your doing in your professional and personal life – it will also help you when summoning up the effort for the less palatable fundamentals to follow!

Staying Power
If you have the ability to stick it out when your future is uncertain, or when mistakes have been made, then you have an excellent chance in achieving your goals, This is fortunate as whilst most of us do not possess cheetah-like agility or owl-like wisdom, the majority of people can realistically manage to be as stubborn as a mule. I have a wonderful friend who often refers to getting her rhino hide on when it comes to battling through challenges.

It is quite likely in the opening stages of your business you will be having to learn as you go and perform a range of unfamiliar tasks, so the longer you can stick it out the better. You will need to maintain a positive attitude toward problems and be prepared to put in some extra effort to solve or bypass them. In fact this process will be continues if you want to become successful in your field especially if it is internet marketing or network marketing, because this is a ever changing business with technology and consumer demand changing constantly. Successful entrepreneurs in any kind of business will tell you they never stop learning and improving their skills and value. Remember that even when you find something really difficult – if you keep doing it, no matter how badly, it is practically impossible that you will get worse at it.

Be adaptable and take opportunities
Often establishing the infra-structure of a business can feel very much like building a house on quick sand (we’ve all done it).You are trying to construct a systematic frame-work to produce and distribute your products or services while, at the same time, you are having to learn new things about the market you are in – some of which may contradict measures you have already put into place. If you are involved with a good network marketing company or a mastermind group then the training and support network should be at hand and this infer-structure should be in place to ease the load a little. Giving you more time to learn and be creative.

You need to be prepared to adapt your plans based on the new information you receive, and also keep yourself open to take new directions as opportunities present themselves. Opportunities come and go regularly – it’s easy not to follow things up or fail to put your self out there. If you do miss an opportunity learn from it, don’t chastise yourself – there will be others.

Be prepared to feel pretty strange quite a lot of the time
Running your own business is decidedly odd. Suddenly all the restraints and structure of being part of somebody else’s system JOB no longer apply to you. It can be exciting, confusing and frightening. Running a business requires you to learn a bit of everything, not just cherry pick the things you have an aptitude for.

For many this may bring up feelings of self-doubt and inferiority – networking is a common bugbear that seems to stir up these feelings in new business owners, which often leads to them avoiding opportunities to attend events. In relation to this I refer you back to fundamental two – Stamina. But fortunately we now have web 2.0 and social media to help us over come this horror, we can comfortably ease into networking from the comfort of our own home, a revelation when it comes to allowing us to be ourselves and not some suited and booted, up tight awkward looking individual that is to scared to open their mouth and mess things up for themselves. No two ways about it – running your own business is odd. But, odder still, with enough practice it will become normal. In-fact I know I talk for most entrepreneurs like myself when I say you become so used to it you become unemployable. It’s a fantastic feeling.

Ask questions and make good business relationships
Finally, you might be surprised how forthcoming many business owners are if you ask them questions – in fact, you may have difficulty shutting some of them up. There are always common problems and issues in running a business, whether your business is in a related field to the person you are talking to or not. And again thanks to social media it has become even easier to form relationships with other successful business owners within your field, if you keep it open and honest with a genuine purpose to form a relationship that will help both parties, you will share some great wisdom and make some great friends. I have avoided potential pitfalls and benefited from many things I would have known nothing about if I had not had conversations with other business owners.

So there you have it – be happy; be strong; be adaptable; be odd; be inquisitive and make good relations – and if you do take the plunge (or have already!) I hope you find it as rewarding and positive an experience as I have.

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