Having a comfortable house is the ultimate goal of every homeowner. One of the most critical steps that you should go through in order to make your home comfortable is to implement an air conditioning system. Carrier air conditioning solutions are among the most efficient solutions in the market and this is because of many reasons. First, Carrier is nearly the oldest air conditioning solution company in the market and these long years of experience appear clearly in every solution they deliver today. Best of all, Carrier is able to provide its customers with different solutions to suit every individual case, thanks to their wide selection of products.

One of the highly popular solutions is the split system. Such systems come in two different types, traditional and ductless systems. The traditional Carrier air conditioning solution is able to provide the client with complete air condition for the whole house with perfect energy efficiency. Carrier is providing several systems with up to 16 SEER. This means that clients who are buying such systems are able to reach the optimum cooling temperature with the minimum energy consumed.

The ductless air conditioning systems are perfect for separate room solutions or for a newly added room where adding more ducts would be expensive or impractical. Ductless solutions provide the needed air cooling with very simple installation processes.

Carrier air conditioning systems are eco friendly. Most of the new systems offered depend on Puron refrigerant, which is the new certified substitute for the Freon 22. This means that Carrier is providing conditioning solutions that are cost effective and eco friendly in the same time.   

Packaged Carrier systems are now the most demanded for those who are looking for air conditioning solution that is less expensive, durable, ductless and still perform quietly. These systems depend on scrolling compressors that are much better than the traditional piston – like compressors and needs less maintenance.  

Central air conditioning is another alternative for residential air conditioning where you need to provide every room with cool air and still be able to control every room individually.

The long experience of Carrier in air conditioning enables them to step in and tailor an air conditioning system for your specific use. The variety of products they have makes it very easy for them to mix and match different components to get you the most efficient air conditioning system without making a hole in your wallet.

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