In this article I am going to explain about the definition of Oscilloscope. Not many people know what the use of an oscilloscope is. Actually oscilloscope plays important part in our life. It is powerful instrument that we can find in many places for similar purpose. An oscilloscope is used to read signals being observe. By using oscilloscope we can know the frequency, period, and voltage of a signal. By adjusting the oscilloscope, we can also see the difference of phase between in and out signals.

There are two main parts of an oscilloscope:


The display is intended to monitor the signals which are analyzed by the oscilloscope. On the display we can see the vertical and horizontal lines forming boxes that we call div. the horizontal line represents the time base while the vertical line represents the voltage.

Control Panel

The control panel contains buttons to adjust the display on the screen.

Commonly we find oscilloscope consisted of two canals that can be used to read two different signals. Before an oscilloscope can be used to read signals, you have to set it to lower the possibility of error during measurement process.

Usually you will find several buttons in an oscilloscope like intensity, focus, trace rotation, voltage/div, time/div, AC/DC, position, ground, and channel 1/2. We will explain the use of each button. Intensity is used to adjust the color brightness, Focus is used to adjust the focus, Trace rotation is used to adjust the tilt of Y axis = 0, Voltage/div is used to adjust the voltage per one div, Time/div is to adjust the time per div, AC/DC is used to control the function of capacitor in the terminal, Position is used to adjust the position of X axis, Ground is used to know the g round position, and Channel 1/2 is used to select the channel.

Those are all the things that you need to know about oscilloscope. You will find it easier after you try to operate an oscilloscope. If you want to get one you can grab it at New Oscilloscope website. You might want to try a sound card oscilloscope if you are interested in it.

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