Introduction: The reason of investigation varies from business to business. The reason of audit is to conclude the true and fair vision. The investigation narrates to dangerous examination of exacting records. The audit recounts to inspection of all books and record. The investigation may be performed on behalf of proprietors and outsiders like shareholders. Audit is performed on behalf of proprietors only.

Definition of investigation:

The act of investigating; the procedure of interested into research; study; inquiry, esp. patient or thorough question or examination; as, the examinations of the logician and the mathematician; the investigations of the moderator,

As a clear definition is investigation means as inquiry into the accounts of a business for a special purpose. It is an examination of the book s of account of a business to know its actual financial position or earning capacity, other than investigating is a kind of special audit with a limited or extended scope according to the purpose for which it is conducted investigation is neither accountancy nor auditing. Investigating involves inquiry the Books of accounts into the technical financial and the economic position of the business or organization

In additional – An assessment is an arranged attempt to obtain information about or to make a test of something, often something presented for observation: a physical examination.  An inquisition is an investigation made by asking questions rather than by inspection, or by study of available evidence: an inquiry into a proposed bond issue. Research is careful and sustained investigation.


01. Investigations- investigation is usually carried out on behalf of outsiders who propose to procure the business or who desire to loan money and thus want to know the earning capability or the financial situation of the apprehension, though it may be carried out on behalf of the proprietors where the suspect any fraud or by then central government at the occurrence of the shareholders or the court,

Audit- audit is demeanor on behalf of the shareholders or proprietors

02. Investigation- investigation may envelop a stage make longer over three to seven years

Audit- the audit of accounts is frequently for a year or six months,

03 Investigation-.Investigation is not enforced according the law

Audit-accounts of a joint stock company must be audited according the regulation,

04. Investigation – The report of the investigation is feature and (I) the directions given to him (II)the technique of loom (III) the work accepted out (IV) the credentials relied upon and his conclusion and often his approvals to the consumer

Audit –The report of the auditor is pigeonholed except for when the states the summits on which he is not pleased with observed to the financial records of the client

05. Investigations- investigations resources investigate or penetrating, it is totally dissimilar from audit & accounts, it doest narrates to these two.

Audit- audit means, vouching & measurement of accounts, finalization of accounts, it is very close to accounts; audit should be done by auditor only

06. Investigation – investigation is connected to methodical explore down of the subject matter and it’s particularly related to some suspicious,

Audit- audit is related to give your estimation that financial statement demonstrates true and fair view. Here, the subject matter is little bit different actually the dissimilarities of extent come here.

07. Investigations-investigation is a progression of pessimistic loom. We look into books of accounts and financial statements as if something fraud, appropriation of funds etc, occurred.

Audit-audit is s procedure of optimistic loom where we look into the books whether all the requirements are complied with, that’s y the renowned phrase come “auditor is a watch dog but not blood hunt”

08. Investigation- the repot of investigator is sent to the party which appointed him for the purpose of investigation,

Audit -audit repot sent to the managing director, chairman of the company who places it before the shareholders,

09. Investigation -in case of investigation the net profit or the concrete earning competence of the concern is established by manufacture certain adjustment in the profit as designed by the financial statement or the auditor

Audit –The case of an audit is not so in

10. Investigation- the investigator is not troubled

Audit- the financial policy of the company is being followed or not but in the of the auditor he has to state that fact, like the technique of the valuation of stock is being consistently followed or not or where there has been a change in the method of providing depreciation and its effect on the profit etc

Conclusion: a lot of things will happen during a crime scene investigation, but mainly it is about collecting corporeal evidence. The process of what emerges at an offense scene is very compound. It engaged a number of different examined and compilations that help to solve a crime. To audit means to go through the procedure of exploratory, and verifying a companies financial records and sustaining documents. as a business might go during an audit for any number of reasons, such as deficient to attract investors, get a loan, or sell the business, for many business people the word “audit” is welded to the words “income tax”.




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