Seriously. What is your definition of Natural Weight Loss?

Is it –

Taking a natural herbal supplement?

Eating low fat foods?

Cutting out carbs?

Drinking diet pop?

Eating stuff that tastes like cardboard?

Or are you loading up on the hottest berries and seeds? What are you? A Bird? C’mon already with all the gimmicks. Is any of that stuff really natural?

How about eating like a human being? Wouldn’t that be natural? A human being naturally needs and enjoys a multitude of foods. Your body is a complex machine that needs a specific mix of nutrients to operate correctly.

You can’t live on just vegetables. As a matter of fact, your body needs some fat to be able to process the nutrients in the vegetables. Now isn’t that a cruel irony? All this time you’ve been cutting out fat, and you’ve been depleting your body of nutrients. Then your body stays fat because it’s not processing foods correctly.

I’ve had people write me asking why they still have no energy when they eat a vegetarian diet with no carbs. Simple, they’re not eating anything that provides energy. Vegetables provide a lot of healthy benefits, and you need to eat a lot of them, but they don’t produce energy.

A lot of people have mistakenly cut out fruits because they contain sugar. Fruits contain just as many vital nutrients as vegetables, just a different set of nutrients. You need to eat as many fruits as you do vegetables.

And what about protein? You need protein. Yes, broccoli contains protein – but it’s not a whole protein. But you’ve heard that you shouldn’t eat meat. So what about protein powder? Unfortunately, protein power is made of soy protein, and as it turns out – soy is very dangerous.

And is that natural? Before some marketing genius decided that soy was a good food source, soy was considered a weed. I remember farmers shaking their heads. They were getting paid lots of money for planting weeds. They changed over from tobacco to soy because they made a lot more money – but they sure couldn’t understand it. And they sure weren’t feeding it to their families.

We’re not meant to survive on berries and seeds. We’re not meant to ingest chemicals. People do all this crazy stuff and then wonder why their body isn’t working right.

If you’re looking for natural weight loss, or natural health – just eat like a human was designed to eat. That’s right, foods that are natural for a human being to eat.

That means getting rid of all the corn syrup and chemical concoctions that pass for food these days, and eating a balanced diet that contains all of the food groups – fruits, vegetables, grains, even meats, eggs and cheese.

What about milk? Is that natural?

Not after being weened it’s not. Humans are the only animals to ingest another animals body fluids. I find that gross myself. And what you buy in the grocery store is about as far from natural as you can get. Milk is responsible for all sorts of problems. Did you know that type I diabetes is caused by giving a baby cow’s milk too early? Think about that. If you have joint problems, arthritis, asthma, or other inflammatory diseases, cut out the milk and see how much better you feel. I don’t drink milk. I’m healthy. My sister drinks milk, and she’s not. Unscientific, I know, but hey.

If you eat the way you’re supposed to, you’ll weigh what you’re supposed to. It’s really as simple as that.

The good news is – you can stop giving up a bunch of stuff that someone has labeled ‘bad for you’ and you can stop eating the gross stuff that some bean counter decided should be labeled ‘good for you’ , and start enjoying real food again. The way humans were intended to.

Carole is the author of High Energy Eating. She wrote it for people who are sick and tired of being lied to and feeling deprived. You can enjoy eating again, and be thin, healthy, and full of energy. Check it out at