A finely tuned machine is neccessary to run successfully a courier company. If you can make the company more efficient than the competition, you can quickly succeed with a great deal of co-ordination. The right courier dispatch software is one of the keys for striving to improve operations management at the company.


Operations management can be improved in several different ways when you put a new courier program in place at your company. One key way that it is going to be improved is in the way that so many tasks will be requiring less time to complete due to the automation that the software can provide. Automation is one of the key goals of courier software, and is so valuable because it decrease the time spent on tasks, and the number of mistakes which are made.


When a mistake is made in a courier company, it costs everyone time and money. Mistakes can mean under billing customers, it can mean a delivery going to the wrong address, or it can mean that a pickup doesn’t get made on time. This will dissatisfy customers, which can be extremely costly for a company in the long run. Also, when a mistake is made, the company has to spend time trying to correct it, such as trying to recover a package which was delivered to the wrong address, an activity which will be completely at their expense.


Other mistakes can also mean lost packages. This can happen not just by packages getting delivered to the wrong addresses, but also by packages getting lost in storage or in transfer between couriers. This is all going to cost money and can cause insurance costs to rise; making minimizing them an important goal. That is a goal that can be partially achieved by using the right kind of software.


Operations management is also improved in terms of the actual deliveries that your staff will be making for customers using the new courier software. Courier software includes features like electronic driver dispatch. This gives your dispatchers the ability to not only quickly locate the best possible courier for when an order comes in, but also to send them their dispatch information all electronically. This ensures faster pickups which leads to lower total delivery times, something which all customers are after.


Calvin Couris is a consultant for delivery software and courier company software companies as well as international courier service businesses.

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