The computer viruses are increasingly growing as a threat on the World Wide Web. Organizations suffer losses of hundreds of millions of dollars due to these viruses and spyware. In the current scenario there are thousands of viruses that can affect the functioning of the computer. If your computer is not well protected then you can invite a virus by just visiting a certain website or also opening your email.

How to combat virus and spyware

· To combat viruses and spyware you should have latest versions of anti-virus software.
· Get your computer scanned on a regular basis.
· Also ensure that your computer has had latest software security updates.
· If you feel that any email is suspicious, just delete it.
· Only download from the sites that are reputable.
· Ensure that you have a back up of data.

What are the threats to your computer?

· Virus is the biggest threat as it attaches to a file and keeps replicating itself. It affects programs, doc files and HTML files.
· Next is the Trojan horse which can erase anything that is on your hard disk. It can make your computer as a host to infect other computers.
· Spyware takes limited control of your computer and can relay your information to the third party. It can come along with some important applications which a “computer illiterate” person won’t be able to understand.

It is extremely difficult to remove viruses from computers as they may have hidden codes. McAfee and Norton are some of the good anti virus products that can be used to remove them.

Spyware removal

Spyware is a computer malware that gathers personal information from the PCs. In your quest for spyware removal, you should know that spyware was initially developed by advertising companies as marketing tool. They are placed in the activex control. If these are run on the computer, they get installed in there and start their malicious activities. The common spyware programs include Nail.exe, Winfixer 2005, CoolWeb Search, Gator/Gain and ISTbar/Aupdate Spyware.

The best way to guard from spyware is by avoiding these sites. Install some good anti spyware programs on your computer. There are two types of programs:
· Real time protection program
· Scanning and spyware removal

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