Colon cleansing products are a great way to get healthy. When you do a colon cleansing you are removing the plaque that accumulates on the lining of the bowel. This plaque is dangerous because it promotes bacteria growth. It also feeds parasites and allows them to live and thrive in your body. Both bacteria and parasite can cause illness. However, you don’t have to worry about getting sick if you learn how to do a colon cleanse correctly.

There are a lot of people who think colon cleansing means they have to use an enema. But this is not true. In fact, there are a few reasons why an enema is not the best choice for colon cleansing. First of all, an enema that is mixed with tap water contains chlorine. Injecting chlorine straight into your bowel will result in the chlorine killing off the good bacteria that live in your bowel. When the balance between good bacteria and bad bacteria is upset you are setting yourself up for infections.

Parasites reside in tap water. When you use a tap water enema you will be shooting more parasites into your bowel. Even though the tap water is treated at a waste water treatment facility it does not mean that all parasites are removed. The facilities are only able to filter out certain chemicals and bacteria. Some parasites will make it into your tap water.

If someone uses enemas on a regular basis, they can do irreparable damage to their bowels. An enema will decrease the elasticity of the bowel muscle. This decrease in elasticity will make it much harder for a natural bowel movement to occur. Enemas can also do damage to the nerves that are found in the intestinal lining. Furthermore, consider that an enema can only reach a certain area of the bowel and therefore, cannot effectively cleanse the entire digestive system.

Colon cleansing products that you take by mouth is the only way to go when you are doing a colon cleanse. These products work from the top down and will cleanse your entire digestive system. These products are easy to use, and they won’t be rough on your system.

When you are looking for colon cleansing products you need to remember to avoid enemas. Colon cleansing this way can do more harm than good.

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