8, look for ink Uniform ink to adjust the ink to the common approach is to change the ink. Standardized approach is to first of all in accordance with the proofs on the distribution of ink fountain and ink fountain roller to adjust the space between, so that the ink sheets and sample distribution of ink on basically the same, and then increase the ink fountain roller rotation, so that the ink film thickness to the required requirements, of course, through two transfer ink to meet the requirements, it is not possible, generally, based on this patchwork.

9, the official Print Be the first official printing
proofreading proofs, and to the printed proofs to review the relevant responsible person, such as the consent of the boot print. Genuine India before, but also put some off round paper round paper over the role of these mainly Beat Ink. Into genuine printing, proofs should be taken regularly to observe the water and ink balance. If ink skin, application of scraper scraping or down to Mexico with the old cloth skin removed. If there are paste version, should increase the amount of water; the flower version, should reduce the amount of water. But it should prevent “big Melbourne Water,” a vicious circle. Paste version prone to high positions in the dark, flower version is vulnerable to high-light area, but the five-percent point of the paste version and spend the most sensitive version.

Should wash mix fountain, a long time because the ink will harden, resulting in the lack of ink. Found to be less rapid pressure on the ink fountain. To ground to see Pelton, such as local water appears excessive, then wiping down with a scraper. Found throughout the layout excessive ink can turn off the transfer roller, even if its to stop the ink; such as ink is too big, you can use ink of ink scraping device or paper inside the ink to remove the excess ink.

Excessive if the entire layout of the water, the water transfer roller may be suspended for the pendulum, so that it does not pass water until the water level decreases to the right, then to transfer the water to resume swinging roller.

Printing should always observe the water, ink roll, conditions inside and outside the ring at the same time if the switch should be down to check. If abnormal sounds should stop checking.

Powder Devices used primarily on the surface of ink printed on the distribution of conditions. Generally darkened parts of the powder quantity, high-light parts of the powder less. Powder used to judge the appropriateness of the amount normally take the following approach: In taking the proofs on hand gently click, if the basic hands-free ink, then the appropriate amount of powder; If the hands of a large amount of ink should be increased Dusting Volume. If hands are pink son, shows powder is too big, should reduce the amount of powder. To promote rapid drying printed products, printed products are often the sub-play storage.

Just finished the sheets should not be hand-printed flip, because the ink is dry, rub dirty easily. When drying about two hours, it can hand flip to India because of ink internal oxidation product, while the heat spread out. Turning it over and turned off when the level of paper printing device, or they may have been that India finished the dirty surface rub.

Attention should be open to go genuine counter. In order to avoid insufficient amount of paper, on paper, what paper should be preceded by the number (if possible), enough should be replaced promptly. Printed paper waste should be collated, printed after which you can check the number of sheets. Traveled halfway round paper should stop counting until after the round has completed on paper, then re-count. Printed before each new product should be clear the counter. Such as the relatively large number of printed materials, the class should counter the first few and last few dollars when down.

10, with ink With Mexico is the operator always to do one thing, everyone has their own with ink technology, and some people still rely on the experience with Mexico. Thus experienced people on doing soon, Well done, inexperienced people to do it slower, have done worse. Then be able to find a fast general-purpose ink distribution method? The answer is yes, that is to master the rules and correct operation with ink technology.

First look at the superposition law of ink: yellow + magenta = red
Magenta + Green = Blue Green + Yellow = Green Yellow + magenta + green = black (gray)

Ink more mixed, the darker the color, so dark ink all over the various components, and various components are less light-colored ink.

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