The certification as a nursing aide requires passing the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) exam. The exam consists of both written test as well as clinical component. The written exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions which are to be solved in two hours. It is recommended to have sincere preparation for the exam as it covers a wide syllabus and should not be taken lightly. In addition, there are only, maximum three attempts for taking the NNAAP exam.

The practice tests are a great help in preparing for the written test. These are like rehearsal of the actual test and hence familiarize with the question pattern. A practice of a number of multiple choice questions develop a grasp of the syllabus and facilitate a touch to complete course content. They are also beneficial in the way that one gets an idea of how to solve the paper in time and wisely in order to crack the exam. Many applicants are nervous in first time taking the exam, these tests aids in eliminating that fear. Even failing in these tests, leaves an opportunity to reinforce the lacking theory sections. They encompass the entire syllabus; therefore every theoretical section can be explored through these tests. Some of the nursing programs especially the online ones may not be able to cover each and every aspect of the exam, these tests facilitate to identify the missing theoretical topics and prepare them. Plus, many multiple choice questions in the CNA exam are tricky, designed to test in depth knowledge of the subjects. The CNA practice tests able to tackle such questions. No doubt, these tests not only maximize the chances of clearing the exam in first try, also manifolds possibility to secure higher scores.

Many practice tests are available online. Most of them demand a little pay to get these tests. Some of them are also available for free. It is advised to opt for the paid tests as they will be worth their cost and can be relied more confidently than any free test resource. There are also study guides available which not only amass the complete CNA exam syllabus in brief, as well, have sample practice papers also.

The clinical component of the exam should also be not underestimated. Its curricular is a set of 25 nursing skills of which any random five can be asked to perform. It is as well important because failing in the clinical exam results into the denial of certification despite of having passed the written exam. So, it is necessary to have gone through hands-on experience through intern in a hospital, healthcare centre or CNA training program in an institution and master the practical skills as well.

It is always wise to prepare hard before taking the actual test. The practice tests are a recommended part of this preparation. After all, practice makes a man perfect.

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