You are interested in securing a Christian homeschooling curriculum for your child but all the competing schools and textbooks in the marketplace have you confused. How do you sort through the confusion and select the curriculum which is right for you and your child? There are some key factors which should be readily apparent in any Christian based school program. That is, the textbooks and other material ought to have a Christian worldview. What exactly is a Christian worldview?

Simply stated, a Christian worldview is the lens through which people see and interpret the universe, humans, nature, and events. This view is characterized by three primary confessions or predispositions that are indisputable and firmly seared in the minds of those who profess to be and in fact are Christians. God exists and seeks to have a personal relationship with humans is the most fundamental of these beliefs. God is not a projection or a watchmaker or a force. God is real and relational and has knowledge of us and interacts with us and hears us when we pray. God is creator is the second major proposition. All that exists came into being as a result of the creative act of God. If one accepts the theory of evolution, then evolution is part of the creative processes of God. If one accepts the theory of the Big Bang, it was God who caused the Big Bang.

Thirdly, God has acted particularly and most profoundly in history by sending God’s son, Jesus Christ into the world to reconcile us to each other and to God. Christians make no apologies for any of these major, bedrock beliefs and see no reason to debate, prove, or minimize them. Each of these confessions must be represented in a curriculum for it to qualify as Christian. God must be seen as active in history and in the lives of humans.

And though it may not be clear to us, God is moving all of creation to a predetermined end known only to God. Thus, there is a purposefulness to our lives and to events in history. This is not to say that everything which happens is God’s will for humans can and oftentimes do act contrary to God’s will. These principles or worldview must be clear and unequivocal for a curriculum to be considered Christian.

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