Selecting the right data center is crucial for securing company’s data and ensuring business continuity. The decision should be made based on the thorough assessment of the data center offering and its ability to answer your business’ needs in terms of cost, reliability, and security. Most data centers provide independent and reliable power, typically through diesel generators, and also have battery backup systems that will power the servers during the transition right from the main grid to the generators.


Here are a few essentials to keep in mind while choosing a data center solution:


The quality of infrastructure support is of supreme importance in a data center solution. Service providers today invest a lot in putting up an extremely good infrastructure with fire suppression facilities, precision air-conditioning to maintain constant temperature, and power back-up systems to make sure that the client’s critical applications and data are protected and accessible at all times. The following tips can also help

The potential data center solution must have a primary backup solution for all critical components, as well as a secondary backup solution in case a primary backup fails.

It must also have has abundant and affordable telecommunications infrastructure

SLAs are critical to data center services, and IT executives cite SLAs as the third-most important criterion in selecting a service provider for data center outsourcing.

Look for a data center solution that offers quality security systems and/or guards on duty 24/7.

Minimize the risk of natural and manmade threats by thoroughly studying the locations that are being considered.

It’s unlikely that your business will stay the same size it is today, asking about the scalability of a potential data center is a good idea


The best data center solutions need to provide flexibility in terms of scalability, connectivity and monitoring options; fail-safe security; a redundant, quality infrastructure with high reliability; and knowledgeable technical, monitoring, and support staff dedicated to meeting customer requirements from installation to ongoing operations. Whether you’re looking for a data center solution for co-location or disaster recovery, the choice will be easy if a potential data center successfully meets these requirements. The data center solution that you choose also needs to meet the stringent requirements to ensure high levels of functionality and availability. Invest in a High Performance Computing and data center solutions that has an open architecture, with the best-of-breed industry standard components with unified storage that can allow future growth and easy upgrades.

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