Even though it is not a life threatening issue, chafing is often painful and very uncomfortable. People practicing different sports at a competitive level are more prone to this problem, while some parts of their body such as the armpits, nipples, groin and inner thighs are more exposed to this type of discomfort. On the other hand, obese people are also inclined to face chafing conditions, particularly on their inner thighs, due to the friction that occurs while walking or participating in sport activities.

The most common symptoms of chafing include redness, stinging and burning sensations, inflammation and swelling. While constant friction is the main cause for this problem, excess moisture and dehydration can both contribute to chafing development. Therefore, if you want to avoid it, you should do your best to keep yourself dry, preventing excess perspiration to cause friction and lead to chafing. In addition, you might want to wear just well fitting clothes, made of cotton if possible, as this material does a great job with absorbing perspiration and keeping your skin dry. Staying hydrated is essential too, so make sure to drink enough fluids every day. In addition, you can use talcum powder to prevent friction and keep you dry.

When it comes about chafing treatment products, there are many things you can do if chafing is already present. You can use petroleum jelly on the affected area to relieve the pain and soothe the skin of inflammation. Baby powder and oil also have soothing qualities, so you may find them helpful in treating your problem. Other people consider zinc oxide to be the most effective against chafing, if applied to the affected area after bathing. All you have to do is leave it for a couple minutes to dry, then wipe the excess off with olive oil. Wearing loose cotton trousers or even shorts will be very relieving if the chafing is situated on your inner thighs, while elastic wraps can prevent further injury to the affected area. Moreover, since you know that perspiration amplifies the problem, you should try not to work out until the problem is clear.

Natural oils and anti-chafing creams are also available on the market, most of them being made of lavender, almond and calendula oil, which are pretty effective in relieving and assisting the healing process. Last but not least, you should not overlook your alimentation either, so make sure to increase your daily intake of vitamin A, C and zinc.

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