Case study writing involves describing an event, a phenomena, an object or an instance and coming up with conclusion. The object described in case study writing may be such as a company, a geographical area, an institution, a strategy among other. Good case study writing should give an account of the object being study over a definite period of time. Case study writing involves coverage of an issue within a definite setting. Through case study writing students are supposed to draw lesson from the particular event under study.

Case study writing is an important learning tool as it provides students with practical experience of issues experienced in the field, away from the classroom. Case study writing also serves to enforce what a student has learnt in class. Case study writing requires adequate skills in; research, data collection and organizing as the case study papers should be comprehensive and present ideas to others effectively. Case study writing should follow definite writing structure. Typical case study writing should have an introduction, a main body and conclusion. The introduction in case study writing should introduce the event, object or phenomena that form the focus of the study. The introduction of a case study should be appealing to able to capture the attention of the reader. The main body in case study writing should provide a full description of the case, details of the study, observation made and the thought of the writer. The conclusion in case study writing should provide an appropriate closing for the case study.

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