The difference between a good courier company and a bad can rest on its courier delivery software. The cost of deliveries, delivery time and frequency of errors made by the courier company are all affected by its performance. Experience as a courier is defined by little more than these factors, so it is important to take your software into consideration and be sure of the quality of service it can offer your business. There is no doubt, it can be a challenge if you know little of the programs features, so let’s investigate one of those features now, real time driver management.

One of the most crucial elements of a courier business is being able to manage the drivers in the field. Increasing efficiency of courier drivers is positively correlated with the success of that company. By reducing delivery times it can help drivers make more deliveries during their shift, increasing profits. Customers are ultimately satisfied with the speed of the delivery, bringing repeat business. Furthermore, the effective driver management will reflect positively on every element of the business.

This particular software can also send information back to the office from vehicles in the field. While in the field, driver management programs will track and report the actions of drivers during their shift. It will send location information, stopping times and one of the best things – courier delivery software can track if drivers are speeding. Maintaining speeds if important to ensure public safety, reduce liability, avoid fines and operate efficiently.

Another great feature of this program, that will provide satisfaction to your clients, is the ability to estimate delivery times and provide real time reports on the location of their packages. This is beneficial in the case of urgent deliveries. In the case of an urgent delivery, managers can prioritize the driver tasks to ensure a driver in the appropriate area will be on location as soon as possible.

The benefits speak for themselves: Knowing where drivers are, improved route selection, efficient time management, and managing fuel cost, all while providing great customer service, are possible thanks the this software. The reduced costs will also allow you to manage your fees and pass the savings on to your customers, furthering the satisfaction.

If you haven’t taken the time yet to investigate real-time driver management software, do so now, look for features that are important to you in managing your deliveries and managing operational costs.

Calvin Couris is a consultant for dispatch software and delivery tracking software companies as well as international courier service businesses.