In the domestic broadband network construction boom, the Shida Network and Telecom, Netcom, Railcom, China Unicom and other major telecommunications operators and broadband CPN operator has established close cooperative relations, domestic broadband IP networking to provide a family of broadband networking products, and to improve the solution, excellent product quality, quality of service received Netcom, telecommunications, length and width, Shandong Braun and other operators a high degree of recognition it provides, “can operate, can be managed, profitable “The broadband IP access network solutions, network operators in telecommunications to enhance network intelligence, simplified network management, to ensure network security, reduce network operation cost, and extraordinary achievements.

In the Shanghai branch of China Netcom Broadband CPN construction, Shida network provides a series of broadband network products and complete solutions, and to network management, network operations, authentication and accounting, network security and other aspects of the comprehensive consideration.

Background Present, Shanghai branch of China Netcom, the broadband access network construction using a variety of broadband access solutions, technology, business model is basically a monthly subscription-based billing. Resident access network construction with the continuous development of Shanghai Branch of China Netcom to develop the direction of more and more business development, such as CNCConnected, university students quarters of broadband access, broadband access and so on upscale hotel. Shanghai branch of China Netcom was gradually in accordance with traditional access methods can not provide breakdown, personal, perfect access to services, thus building on the CPN of the new requirements. Shida network as China Netcom’s broadband network equipment selection of shortlisted companies, according to Shanghai branch of China Netcom demand for broadband network construction, timely given the perfect solution for broadband IP CPN in this program provided a direction “can operate, can be management, profitable “in the way broadband IP CPN.

Design Netcom broadband residential building with a FTTx + ETTH to build the net, community center with the Shida STAR-S2800 modular switches. The switch can network with high port density, high-bandwidth backplane, modular design, the port organization flexible. STAR-S2800 with 8 module slots, and there are seven kinds of modules to be selected, one of the STAR-M2840 routing module allows STAR-S2800 routing switch with three switching functions. STAR-S2800 port forms a flexible, support 10MB/100MB/1000MB twisted pair, Fast single (multi)-mode fiber and Gigabit LX / SX fiber, backplane bandwidth of up to 22GB, fully supported under Gigabit wire-speed forwarding. STAR-S2800 switch its modular design center upgrades for the district to provide a foundation for expansion; its high backplane bandwidth, support for routing switching network performance for the district to provide a strong guarantee.

In residential corridor side, Netcom with the Shida STAR-S1924F +, S2024M stackable switch, offers a wealth of remote management capabilities, support for port isolation, port security control, port trunking, port monitoring, multicast, etc., with static port address lock, dynamic address lock, mac address filtering and other security controls, network management for the district to limit the illegal user’s login to provide a reliable guarantee.

Program features Shida Netcom Shanghai branch network in residential broadband solutions with the following features.
1. To administer. Shida network series switches support a variety of management, including the band serial port with internal Web, TELNET, S-Manager network management software. S-Manager network management software (Enterprise Edition) provides a comprehensive performance, fault, security, alarm, configuration management.

2. Maintenance. Shida independently developed using S-Manager network management platform to support SNMPV1.0/2.0, SNMPMIB-II, Ethernet-likeMIB, Bridge MIB, Start Enterprise MIB, and RMONStatistics, History, Alarm and Event Group Management, the equipment can be realized Remote fault alarm and automatic logging.

3. Support the expansion. Community centers are using a modular device, so future expansion can only add a new module.

4. To support multimedia applications. * Internet telephony. Full line of switches support 802.1P priority protocol, it provides four priority queues for the future, voice telephony in broadband networks provided the basis for running.

* Video on demand. Full line of switches support IGMP protocol, which provides a IGMPSnooping functions to district network to support large-scale nVOD business.

5. Billing patterns varied. Shida switch and a series of network products support a variety of authentication and accounting model, including 802.1X/PPPoE/Web + Portal / and so on, can operate the need to adopt different billing models. Each charging mode can be done on the user’s Internet precise timing, namely traffic. Support a variety of carriers received (dollars) fee strategies, to provide a variety of business models.

General, as a professional supplier of network communications equipment, Shida network with the times, according to Shanghai branch of China Netcom Broadband CPN construction needs and provide a way from the access to billing , network management, and so a complete CPN access solutions.

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