A business research paper purposes to create new knowledge, which can be used to extend both long term and short-term business propositions. The research is founded on problem solving which ought to be reflected through out the contents. It revolves around two main objectives. First, it helps the writer to outline the objectives of the research and emphasize their significance from various perspectives in different departments. Second, it provides an ample way of interaction between the reader and the writer and helps the former to acquire knowledge in business proposition. Business research paper is organized in different parts

The first part is the introduction, which ushers in the issue to be discussed: the issue is reflected in the thesis statement, which captures the subject matter. In this case, the subject mater is referred to as the problem, which gives the foundation of the content whereas thesis statement outlines the author’s plan of action. The introduction should only contain the author’s course of action and the intended purpose of the paper.

The second part is the literature review, which gives the relevance of the problem. Further, it highlights the historical part of the problem; in this case, it provides vast knowledge on how the attempts have been made to resolve the problem in question. It also gives the comprehensive review of the challenges that the former researchers have gone through; in addition, it highlights the achievements made and the most glaring things, which have resulted to failure to reach solution to the problem. It serves as an indicator that the researcher has vast knowledge of the field and the specific subject matter that he is tackling.

The third part consists of methods and procedures used by the researcher to collect and analyze data. The most popular methods of collecting data is secondary and primary method, in secondary data, the information is sought from other sources without involving the researchers efforts of going to the field. The researcher collects data from other sources like books, periodicals, internet services, magazines, newspapers e.t.c. primary data is also referred to as the first hand information, in this case the researcher uses his own effort to collect data directly from the field. Regardless of the methods used, the researcher has to give an account of the activities and people who took part in the research. The part determines how authentic and credible the paper is because it shows that the researcher used his original ideas.

The most important part is the discussion section; this is the crescendo of the research paper. It includes the findings; hence, it presents the business proposition and evaluates the practical part of the proposition. It gives a comprehensive report on the research findings, in other words, it is provides the purpose of doing research. In addition, it gives the proposed solution to the problem; it is the part that gives the way forward. It also outlines the presentations that the researcher has come up with, in this case, there is critical problem solving mechanism as per the researchers assessment of the problem and the findings made during.

The final section is the conclusion, which gives an overall overview of the paper. It outlines the most important points during discussion. it also the part through which the researcher gives his own opinion about the problem in regard to the paper.

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