Business Cards: In Use for Four Centuries

Business cards, known originally as trade cards, became popular in London at the beginning of the 17th century, at a time when there was no formal numbering system for streets and no well-developed newspaper industry. The trade cards served as a form of advertisement for businesses; they included maps with directions on how to reach the establishment. Today, as the way it has been for more than four centuries, any business, at any level of complexity, benefits from creative business cards.

Printed with black ink in clear, legible type on roughly 3 x 2 inch white cards of quality paper stock, modern business cards are expected to convey the name of the cardholder, his or her title, the company with which they are affiliated, and the relevant contact information (address, telephone and fax numbers, and email address.) Company logos are used as well as a single statement about the business. Moreover, with the advent of video business cards and QR-coded business cards, digital business cards are even more in demand.

Trade cards for advertising purposes have evolved into the business cards that are now central to the exchange of basic professional data in the local as well as international business community. While elaborate ritual attached to the presentation of a tiny piece of paper may seem out of proportion to the object itself, one thing has not changed about the use of such cards. They are as popular as ever a means of introduction when first impressions matter. The centuries have proved: You can never go wrong with a tried and tested formula.

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