The business of telemarketing is all about relationships. The relationship between customers and the sellers, in this case the call centers, has to be built on trust and mutual respect. The telemarketing services team has to ensure that they are not misguiding the customers and the customers have to be careful that they are not expecting more than they are entitled to. Often the gap in communication is why customer service departments have to do a lot of mopping up. BPO units have to be particular about this very crucial aspect of business. They have to win the trust of the customers through dedicated work, meeting promises and fulfilling obligations. The relationship doesnt end with buyer and seller. It extends to the employer and the employed. To get the best work out of your agents, you have to maintain healthy relationships with the people working for you.

Money and salary comes secondary when you look at reasons why the attrition rate is so high in the BPO sector. You will find that most employees change jobs because they are not happy with their relationship with their seniors or with the management. It could be the fault of either party in the dispute. But the fall-out is sorely regretted by the telemarketing project itself. Experienced agents may take it that they are being slighted when they are subjected to ill-treatment. That is when the bug to change jobs bites them. The lure of better money is always there from rival telemarketing services. The agent will think twice about falling for such temptations if they are being offered the right kind of work ambiance. Call centers should try to do that and make it comfortable for the agents.

There are other advantages of maintaining healthy relationships with your call center employees. To begin with, they will be ready to do some extra work for you if the deadline is about to zoom past. You can count on them to do that extra bit so that your BPO meets certain standards in call center services. There is very little that a motivated team cannot achieve. The management has to be careful about motivating the team to the right degree. While motivation is perfectly in sync with the practices usually followed, you cannot make them promises that will set their expectation aflutter. Promise only what you can deliver.

Healthy relationships at the call center would mean that you can share your ideas and concerns with your telemarketing team. A proactive team is important for the development of the BPO unit in terms of work. It is the duty of the management to build up cohesion in the team. A telemarketing project is like a team work. There is contribution from the lead generation team, from the customer service team and also from the web marketing team. There has to be proper coordination in the team and that can only happen when the employees know that they are working for a team. The right kind of spirit will be beneficial for the call center services.

We provide the best working conditions for our call centers. Our BPO agents work like a team and bond well professionally.