Most people out there do not read their whole Rental Agreement. They have no idea what they just signed. They are just in a hurry to get a roof over their heads. This may lead to heartache down the road. There may be something so simple in there, as you can’t wash your car. Then a nice sunny day comes along and you put on your bikini and get a bucket of water. The next thing you know the Manager comes out and informs you that you violated your Rental Agreement. You didn’t even know that clause was in there. But there is warning number 1!

The first thing one must do is read every sentence. If you are in hurry please do not just sign the Rental Agreement and go. Ask if you can take it with you and bring it back later. I don’t care how fine the print is, read it! If you have to get a magnifying glass to do so, do it! I’ve read Rental Agreements that say you can’t have air conditioners in your window. The worst part is, the apartment did not come with one and is was known to get to 115 degrees during the day. You don’t want that to happen to you.

The second, if you do not understand something, do not sign it! Ask the landlord what it means. If he/she does not explain it to your liking, take it with you. Take it to your parents, they understand a lot more than you think they do. If this is not possible take it to a friend. Do not sign anything you do not understand. If you do not like the clause, tell the landlord that you refuse to sign it.

In conclusion: If you do not have time to read the Rental Agreement and you do not understand it, do not sign it! Do not get in over your head or you will sink!

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