Prenuptial Agreement are contractual agreement that are written and agreed upon before marriage, los Angeles family lawyer are known to write very conscionable prenuptial agreement that have helped different couples settle dispute without much struggle and conflict over their money. Prenups are written with divorce mind setup but if the divorce have to occur you can save a lot of money either, the los angels family attorney fees, extraneous disclosure that some spouses seems to bring up. You can also be saved the big mess brought up by this emotional procedure that makes even judge make some decision not pertained in law but emotionally pertained.

There are several ways in which prenups saves solve future disputes that is; since this is a contract and both parties are well informed about it the court being based on the justice law will have to adherently monitor the contract in all way, however there are instance that court can disregard this prenuptial agreement if it has some ambiguous claims or unconscionable. As a competent los Angeles family lawyer its worth to have a prenuptial agreement as it save dispute in advance therefore protecting your wellbeing, i.e. spouse support is usually a well established factor on the agreement therefore court rely on them and subject their decision on its ground. The jury may support prenups if there was no deception, duress or undue influence or flaw when drafting the contract. To keep your agreement free for this flaw its important you observe certain code that some Los Angeles family law attorney has seen bringing down most contract-:

A)Children custody is usually a picky subject which triggers both parties for this reason try to avoid any clause that mention child interest at any time.

B)Hire a qualified family law expert to represent you argue out you case instead of trying it yourself, you may end up losing even if you have a genuine argument but law is about who has the best word diction and can prove right is wrong even if its real.

C)Always allow maximum time before you spouse sings the document this will give him enough time to understand all clauses and eliminate pecks of forced signing, duress or influence. Also let every clause be precise and genuine its of no use to have a prenuptial agreement if some information is missing or not disclosed.

D)Make sure both parties understand all the information given thoroughly well and no claims of misunderstanding arise there after.
If the above suggestion are not put into action then your contract stand out to be thrown out of the case by the jury in bases of;-

I)No disclosure- the parties did not provide enough or the required disclosure information about their property.

II)The party did not have the prior knowledge of any property or financial information pertaining to both parties; no party was willingly ready to offer full financial disclosure at the given time.
Always involve a competent los angles family law attorney in all you prenups writing process to escape the few arising tragedy and cost escalation during the divorce process.

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