If you were able find out just what it is that really turns men off, wouldn’t you have a great advantage when you were dating? How would you like to be able to talk to a guy and know just what to avoid so that you don’t have to walk on eggshells around him? Once you know what topics to stay away from, you’ll neve have to worry again about turning a guy off. To learn how to keep your foot out of our mouth, keep reading.

First of all, let go of the anger at the ex boyfriend. Yes, he may not have treated you the best and you might still be hurting. You probably want to make sure that the new guy doesn’t hurt you. That’s understandable, but keep your feelings about your ex to yourself. If you think about it you are putting the new guy you’ve just met in a difficult position. He either has to badmouth your ex or be neutral which will only upset you. Don’t put a new relationship under this kind of pressure and turn him off at the start.

Second, don’t bring up the topic of marriage. You might be looking for a long term relationship but it’s not a good idea to bring it up when you are still getting to know someone. He might be looking for the same thing. But men don’t like feeling pressured to commit. You will get to know if he is the kind of guy you want to be with long term without having to talk about it. If you do bring it up early, you risk turning him off for good.

The last topic to stay away from is money and how much he earns. Wait for a while until you have been seeing him for a while before bringing it up. You don’t want him to think that you are only interested in him because of his income. Yes money is important and you need it to survive. But there is no hurry to talk about it in detail so let it wait for a while. Otherwise you might find yourself alone on the weekend.

If you avoid these three topics you won’t turn guys off before they’ve had time to get to know you and feel relaxed around you. There is plenty of time to talk about them when you’ve been dating for a while, but stay away from them at the start of a relationship.

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