You’ve heard it a million times, and it’s in practically every marketing book, article, or blog post you read – the necessity of defining a target market to serve.

But time and time again I meet solo professionals who can’t articulate this in a clear, concise, and confident way. The result? A sense of overwhelm trying to serve too many masters, a hazy marketing plan, and a struggling business.

Why do you need to define a group of people to serve? Three big reasons:

Passion = energy. The more passionate you are about who you serve, the more energy you will have to do your best work. This will help you get out of bed every morning, even during the bumpy times!
Best work = credibility and expert status. When you do your best work, others will naturally talk about you in the world. You are more motivated to continue learning about your craft and the needs of those you serve.
Defined group = hitting your target. When you serve too many different groups of people, it becomes overwhelming to find them and then attract them into your sales cycle. Having a singular focus makes all the difference.

The more defined your target market, the clearer you will be in your business. For example, I could say:

I work with solo professionals.

But that’s a large group, encompassing many types of businesses and people. So instead, I narrow that further:

I work with women solo service professionals – consultants, coaches, and authors.

Narrowing my focus helps me to better talk to people about what I do, create my marketing strategy, and attract ideal clients.

Here are a few questions to help you better define who you serve:

Who are all of the different groups of people who use the kind of services you provide?
Which of these groups do you relate to best or feel the most excitement about working with?
Which groups do you know people in or already have clients in?
What are you most passionate about as it relates to your work?
What natural talents and strengths do you bring to your work?
What life situations or roles do you identify with that might connect you to a particular target market?

I’m sure you’re ready to better define and serve your target market!

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