Remember the words, “What do you say” as the prompt for “Thank you” before hungrily eating the treat or excitedly taking whatever was given to us? As a child “Thank you” became something we were trained to say. Of course it was impossible for our parents and teachers to help us understand the feeling behind the “Thank you.”

I have been participating in an amazing process in which appreciation is central. Since beginning this process I have discovered how little appreciation I have had and how different I feel when I become aware of appreciation. There is so much that I simply take for granted.

I am in the process of re-programming myself to go into the store, find what I want, get in touch with the appreciation I have for the item, and then realize that any money I give for the item or service is not “payment” but an offering of appreciation. When I write the check I now get in touch with what this good or service has done or will do for me and how much I appreciate having it supplied to me. Then I write out my offering of appreciation.

This process has truly opened me to the importance of appreciation. Throughout the day I have many opportunities to access appreciation. How wonderful it is to have the people in my life, streets to drive upon, trees and flowers to brighten my day, a computer to use, all the various methods of electronic communication and… on and on. There is even appreciation for the most difficult events in life because I know I will discover the learnings involved.

For today, make a commitment to get in touch with and feel the appreciation you have for whatever is in your life. When handing the clerk money, feel the appreciation you have for the green beans, the milk, the cleanser. No matter how mundane or how extravagant, get in touch with why you want it and experience your appreciation.

I trust you will be filled with amazement just as I have been.

Cathy Chapman, Ph.D., LCSW is a licensed clinical social worker assisting people achieve their dreams of health, wealth and abundance through Mind-Body Psychology. She works from a spiritual and energetic model employing BodyTalk and Psych-K to balance the body and change beliefs. Go to to access Healing Silks which will bring your body into balance.