07 3 30, U.S. Vice Minister of Commerce Mr. Lavin led tours of the famous American brand AO Smith water heater in China’s headquarters and on the investment of foreign enterprises in China conducted a successful operation discussion. When Mr. FrankLavin see AO Smith brand in China this century has established a global R & D center and the perfect sales and service network, and widely recognized by consumers and the love, excitement, Mr. Lavin said, in addition to pleasure and pride, would also AO Smith very much appreciated in China, innovative, bold and enterprising, AO Smith to fine close to the development needs of Chinese consumers, and actively participate in trade and technological exchanges, the two countries for the development of the field in the water heater to make a positive contribution.

AO Smith Professional + The quality of the centuries-old tradition

Has a 130-year history of the U.S. giant AO Smith water heater, with its specialization + excellent tradition in manufacturing in North America to create a series of miracles. Currently, AO Smith has been among the best in the Chinese market share, sales growth in China, nearly 40% of annual rate of rapid development, AO Smith, the industry with its high quality and good reputation by many consumers. Mr. Lavin, said he is interested in local self-AO Smith came to China in 1998, just a few years, the water heater industry in China’s ranking has risen to first two, it is amazing.

technology innovation A.O. Smith recipe for success

Curiosity for Mr. Lavin, AO Smith, General Manager DING Wei sermon, “foreign-funded enterprises to flourish in China, first of all depends on the company’s own business management. AO Smith to come to China, have been insisting for the Chinese consumer demand for research and innovation, AO Smith’s innovative R & D each are rooted in domestic demand, so that enterprises can be accepted by Chinese consumers. “

AO Smith to China in recent 10 years, has advanced water technology into China in 2005, is set up in China, Global Engineering Center. Adhering to the “professional + quality” business philosophy and focus on research and innovation, providing the best value for the Chinese consumers products and services to the purpose, through the unremitting efforts in recent years, an endless stream of hot water needs for Chinese consumers and the use of approach developed a large number of high-quality products for consumers. Continue to increase R & D investment, technological innovation continued to grow and always maintain the technological leadership is to maintain the rapid development of AO Smith, a magic weapon. Maximize consumer value and thoughtful expression consumer, so the first time, Chinese consumers to enjoy the latest technology with the world brought about by the AO Smith water life is hard and aggressive goals. AO Smith by virtue of its R & D, product quality, consumer word of mouth, market growth in the outstanding performance of a large number of foreign-funded enterprises to enter China’s success story.

AO Smith

professional development source for sustainable development

As the U.S. giant AO Smith water heater, always bring surprises to the technological progress of Chinese consumers. 1874, AO Smith, founded in the United States, has been 130 years. Every day, it is all in the pursuit of continuous professional development, and this is almost an inherent strength. Perhaps it is because of this, just let Chinese consumers get more comfortable and worry-free water of life. Today, along with the rapid development of world science and technology, competition among enterprises has not only the number of goods and price competition has risen to the technical content of products, brands, quality, safety and cost competition. AO Smith continued to increase R & D investment, technological innovation continued to grow and always maintain the technological leadership, it is AO Smith continued rapid development of the magic weapon.


know Mr. Man frankly, the secret of every successful, is unique. But in common is that we must always maintain the technological innovation, proactive insight into the understanding of market needs and provide the market with high-quality high-tech products. These elements in the AO Smith, who has outstanding performance, which made it a successful model of the foreign enterprises.

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