Alivamax Worldwide is relatively new network and multilevel marketing opportunity based in the health and wellness industry. The company was founded by multilevel marketing experts Mark J. Salin and Gerald Ricks who have spent a total of 70 years in the MLM industry. SO what is this highly touted opportunity about? Let us take a look…

Alivamax Worldwide has three main products; Fountain of Youth, Miracle Serum and the latest health drink on the market from no other than Jackie Chan called of course Jackie Chan’s Health Energy Drink. The Fountain of youth is a dietary supplement packed with many nutrients to help with providing energy for body and mind for the middle aged individuals. The next would be the Miracle Serum which is for any aged individual. This “miracle serum” is touted as having not only agents to help slow natural skin aging process and so much so that it appears to stop all together, but of course we all age no matter what we use. The latest would be the Jackie Chan energy drink mix that is packed with natural green tea from which literally the nutrients are extracted through a cold water process from the leaves themselves.

The opportunity to start a business with Alivamax Worldwide simply comes with purchasing a single product and filling out the enrollment application. Of course purchasing only one product will only get you so far so more than likely you will need to purchase an ample amount to share with your warm market. The system does come with a replicated website as well, but there is no mention of training on marketing the website online. Many companies today offer such tools but these do not guarantee traffic, the individual will need to know some basics on Internet marketing to effectively drive traffic to the site itself.

The compensation plan is not however very different from many of its competitors as it sounds on the website. The easiest way to create income would be through the retail sales of the products themselves. The distributor can purchase the products at a whole sale price and make the difference of the mark up retail. With many multilevel marketing opportunities, including this particular business comes many compensation plan based on a matrix. AW uses a 3×10 matrix plan in its bonus system which can be a good way to create a residual income over time.

As with many multilevel marketing opportunities however, the compensation plan is a very conservative plan which usually equals smaller commissions. Alivamax Worlwide does have quality products but it would literally take 100’s if not thousands of individuals in one’s downline to create a truly substantial income. Learning to effectively brand oneself and standing out above the competition in this highly saturated industry would be a must for anyone looking to join this opportunity.

David J. Boozer is a successful Online Business owner and mentor. Working side by side with other top earners in the industry David believes that through training and mentoring anyone can find success online. To learn more about Internet marketing and the potential of creating income online please contact David at his Home Page…

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