Swimming through the vast Pacific Ocean is just the same as surfing through the Internet; it’s like being in the middle of a limitless storage of information that even the horizon can’t be distinguished. The Internet – as also termed as the web, www, the net, cyberspace and all other lingoes that computer geeks can think of, has been one of the most ingenious advancements of man.

In a nutshell, the Internet refers to a massive group of computers that are all connected to each other around the globe. These computers are connected through phone lines, fiber optic lines, cables, and even wireless connections. When one logs on to the Internet, he/she gains access to all other computers that are connected with each other.

One can connect to the Internet through ISP (Internet Service Provider) with the use of a modem, an Internet ready cable, DSL (Digital Subscriber Line), wireless connection with a handheld PC or notebook computer, and even through mobile.

A smart breakthrough in Internet usage is the introduction of wireless mobile connections, which allows netizens (citizens of the Internet) to access the web by using high-end phones supporting mobile broadband. Newer phones are equipped with 3G networks that allow netizens to use the Internet thru their phones in almost any place and any time. Consequently, another wave in wireless mobile communications is about to come with the anticipated release of the 4G, or fourth generation wireless mobile standard. 4G technology is said to improve every Internet connection service with an increased bandwidth and higher data rate of up to 100 Mbps that allows one to enjoy high-quality video streaming, gaming and fast Internet browsing on his or her phone!

Indeed, being “online” and “connected” means so much more than just catching up with friends in these modern times wherein the Internet has offered men a thousand things to do – even by just staring at their PC screens. In this age of information, no one would disagree that the internet is the fastest way to send and receive data across the globe, but its not really the most secure process though. That’s why on using the Internet, being wise and extra careful is the way to go!

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