A year ago you hired a fantastic part time worker. He worked hard, was very loyal and would stand in if other employees let you down

The relationship was amicable, he was utterly dependable and you came to rely more and more often on his support. You knew he was studying at college in between working hours and would one day have to leave. But getting a Compromise Agreement drawn up was the furthest thought on your mind.

Firstly, he does not give you the required 4 week notice period. This was written into his contract of employment; whenever he spoke about his college placement coming up, you frequently reminded him he needed to give 4 week’s notice. A Compromise Agreement is surely something that happens when there’s a big dispute!

He sent a simple text whilst he was enjoying annual leave abroad, merely suggesting you took the extra week from when he had hinted at going. So, your wonderful employee is actually telling you, his employer, how you can skirt around the issue! As if that wasn’t bad enough, he missed the plane home and failed to turn up for work on his due return day. As you fluctuate between resentment and calm, an agreement to compromise seems an increasingly likely route.

After that, he text you to say he had assumed you had found someone else and would no longer need him. Assumed! So, yet again your mind goes over the phrase Compromise Agreement.

To make things worse, they have still not sent you a formal letter of resignation. Time elapses and the weeks go on with no communication. Then he says he’s been busy moving area and looking for accommodation. Meanwhile you’re left fuming at the way you have been treated, with absolutely no respect. It is time to contact a specialist solicitor for a Compromise Agreement. What if…

When he mails you asking for his final pay cheque, you seriously begin to wonder where you stand. Then the thought occurs that he might go to Court and drag up all sorts of demands.

Compromise Agreement! It has to be done; an employee might work wonders for you but when they leave it could be time to get tough. An experienced compromise agreement solicitor will provide you both with the opportunity to come to an agreement and go your separate ways without worrying about future problems.

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