Men are visual creatures, that’s why most of them are lying when they say they value personality in women more than looks. Come on! The physical attributes play a very vital role when it comes to attracting a male — they will definitely check you out first before they get curious about your character — harsh but fair. Reality usually bites but hey, we’re men. We can get away with anything! Below are the top seven hot male turn-ons you definitely don’t want to miss. What exactly do they find attractive in a female? Find out now:

Full lips. The pouty lips always have something so sexy and alluring about them — as if they want to be kissed. Men find this totally attractive so practice the pout — that would surely grab his attention. And make him totally turned on as well.
Deep cleavage. We can’t deny the fact that men are totally into big boobs — having an abundant and healthy chest will always be something that men will ogle over for years and decades to come. Ever wondered why women go through the pains of breasts implants? Bingo.
Small feet. Do you actually want to hear men say “cute”? Flash them your small feet (with well manicured and clean toenails of course) and he’ll be totally ranting “cute” inside his head all day.
Long fingers. One male fantasy a man would play over and over his head when he see’s your fingers is: “Damn! I want to feel your fingers digging on my back baby!” They would marvel at the pleasure if they’re long — it’s sensual and adds up to the mood.
Intense eyes. Sultry, intense smoldering eyes will not only keep him hooked and focused on you — he will be getting turned-on with just one fleeting glance. The eyes are very powerful so make use of them if you want to twirl him around your fingers.
Sweet scent. Looking and smelling good will always be a plus point with them men — hygiene is expected in a woman. Truth is, scents are aphrodisiacs and they get totally turned on with just a tiny whiff of your perfume — that’s enough to drive them totally wild with desire.
Tiny waist. Majority of men find a tiny waistline automatically swoon-worthy — psychologically speaking, a tiny waist indicates fertility and being ready to make babies — so don’t get confused when he suddenly goes all horny just seeing your irresistible curves.

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