Blazarch is a leading CAD drafting and BIM services provider in AEC industry. Blazarch provides architectural drafting, structural drafting, HVAC drafting, electrical drafting, plumbing drafting, CAD conversion, SketchUp modeling and Building Information Modeling services. Its clients are worldwide architects, architectural firms, engineers, engineering firms, etc. This article will only introduce its CAD conversion service.

The input for CAD converison could be in any format: hand sketches, PDF, JPG, etc. CAD conversion is one of common and basic services for any AEC design outsourcing firm, however, the quality of output varies a lot between different suppliers even with the exactly same input. There are 3 keys in achieving high quality:

i. Standardization
Blazarch has standardized all graphic elements such as layers, notes, dimensions, line types, arrows, dimensions, scales, tags. Every line or every word on the drawing should belong to what they should belong to, in another word, everything should be put into the system instead of being created randomly.

ii. Judgement
Standardization is not enough to achieve high quality. Draftsmen should be able to judge intelligently – sometimes, clients’ notes in hand sketches are blurry, so draftsmen should figure out what words they really are; sometimes, there is no dimension in clients’ hand sketches, so draftsman should judge how thick the wall is, how big the door opening is and so on. Blazarch always makes the best judgement also by utilizing a rigid system: architects or engineers always check draftsmen’s drawings and make sure everything makes sense technically.

iii. Communication
Communication is also important, since you can’t always figure out clients’ all design intent. For example, when the notes are extremely blurry or you’re not very sure of what they are, you have to compose a well-orgnaized email to list the screen shots of these burry areas and make it easy to reply for clients.

As Blazarch emphasizes standardization, judgement and communication in every project, its CAD conversion service never lets its clients down.

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Blazarch is a leading CAD drafting and BIM services provider in AEC industry. Our clients are worldwide architects, architectural firms, engineers and engineering firms. We assist them in design and drafting of architectural, structural, HVAC, electrical, plumbing and Building Information Modeling. We improve productivity and profit margin for our clients with responsive manner and competitive price. Visit for details.